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Advertising Access control system is used to prevent unauthorized access to the system to maintain the security level. It is the enhanced way of technological security system. Previously human resources were used to maintain the security system but it still lacks of maintain the uniformity and confidentiality. Even the co-ordination for human security needs the centralized management system with more resources and lot of money and time. Data security is not 100% guaranteed in case of human security. Automatic security system or access control system has solved these issues and now you can manage your home, office, business, confidential data, information and everything with a tip of finger and that too with very much low cost .pare to physical security. Ticket parking revenue system is one of the most important access control system which have minimized the human efforts and management in car parking system. Ticket Parking Revenue System The electronic system is unique in itself. In which on entering to the parking, the driver can check the available space through LED display. On pressing the buttons on ticket parking revenue system, access controller issues ticket to the user to enter by scanning the ticket. On exiting from the car parking at exit points there are barriers and automatic teller machine. You need to pay the charges on the basis of time and scan the ticket. The barrier will raise and you can drive off your car from the parking place. Instead of teller machines, there may be the physical resource to collect the money. This ticket parking revenue system is very much useful at remote locations where the human resources are very low or very much costly to manage the car parking system. This is electronically advanced system installed at big metros and far remote places to manage the car parking automatically. Even this system can be installed in your building, residential .plexes and offices and corporate houses to manage the parking system automatically in a systematic way. There are various types of ticket parking revenue systems are available in the market which can be programmed for free user, hourly user or monthly user etc. The system can be centralized managed if installed at more than one location. Card Parking Revenue System is as similar as ticket parking revenue system. In this mechanism, the user/driver receives the card instead of ticket on pressing the button of parking machine. Some parking revenue system also records the image of number plate on enter and exit of car to confirm that entered car only to exit from the system. Even they can store various information including number plates in their database which can be used in preparing analytical reports for daily, monthly and yearly enter and exit report from the system. This mechanism have made a great ease in managing thousands of cars entering into the broad spectrum .plex or hotels for better manageability and security. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: