Access to the old revolutionary base areas with poor rich sayu-02

Access to the old revolutionary base areas with poor road to get rich by the traditional way of farming, the Dabie Mountains Huo Shou black pig "arch" on the table, for local residents with a rich road. Xin’an Evening News Network (Anhui) is located in the Dabie Mountain Area of Anhui, Henan and Hubei provinces border, in the old revolutionary base areas, major grain producing areas along the Huaihe River and the low-lying waterlogged areas in one, is one of the main battlefield of the new round of national poverty alleviation. In recent years, our province to focus on contiguous areas of focus, accelerate the development of poor areas, to the Dabie Mountain area construction has become the important ecological security barrier of old revolutionary base areas to accelerate development demonstration area and the Yangtze River Delta region. Let the precise poverty farmers out of poverty county of Yuexi Maojian Township board located deep in the Dabie mountain village is a typical village, the whole village poverty alleviation and development. This has been known for the poor village, has now become a beautiful rural construction demonstration village. The villagers said, first of all to thank the county through the integration of capital transformation of the village, the living environment becomes beautiful very neat, rich people’s demand is becoming more and more strong. Later, the village and a Zhejiang businessmen reached a cooperation agreement, the village farmers in mountain organic vegetables, Zhejiang provide cultivation technology and marketing. The village has set up cooperatives, the transfer of land, the organization of farmers, providing services. The first year, the per capita income increased by nearly 2000 yuan, the village collective income for the first time to break the record of zero. Plate village has become a model of poverty alleviation and development of the village, the whole village to promote the effectiveness of poverty alleviation significantly. It can not only solve the sustainable development of farmers from poverty, but also solve the problem of the village collective income has no source. Now, our province is vigorously implement the precise poverty alleviation to the village households, aimed at the poor villages and poor households, a touch, each village and household engage in helping, become flood irrigation to precision irrigation". For the poor, analysis of the causes of poverty, participatory arrangements on cadres, determine the supporting measures, and ultimately achieve a household by household poverty. Poverty alleviation channels allow about 500000 people to benefit from the rich, first road. Let the old revolutionary residents out of poverty, the traffic infrastructure is essential. The reporter learned from the Dabie Mountains Tourism channel project opened in 2012, by the end of this year will be fully completed. The current comprehensive benefits of the channel has been revealed. Relevant departments statistics, the national 5A level scenic spot in Heaven Village in the first half of this year, the number of visitors and ticket revenue, an increase of 8.46% and 15.88%, respectively. In addition, based on the poverty alleviation channel, the Dabie Mountain area is development of Mount Holyoke tea Dendrobium, tourism commodity business households 573, directly employing 1623 people. The Dabie mountain peak Baimajian scenic location sun township population of 8225 people, directly or indirectly engaged in the tourism industry reached more than 3000 people, per capita income of 4000 yuan, driven more than and 800 people out of poverty and stability. According to reports, the Dabie mountains tourism fast track 259.02 km wide, from the hinterland of the Dabie Mountains through. Along with Liu Deng army headquarters site 7 red cultural attractions, Heaven Village, the swallow River Canyon, Baimajian, Foziling, Lu’an tea Valley 15 scenic spots. Poverty alleviation fast Lei相关的主题文章: