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Alternative Dr. Anju Mather founded and runs Angel Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles. Partially inspired by her own aging body, Dr. Mather has been delving into research and current information concerning anti-aging medicine. The goals of the Angel Longevity Medical Center include getting patients looking, feeling and staying younger through application of latest procedures in anti-aging medicine. More research and investigation is of course being done presently in this new field. Dr. Mather has investigated current procedures for stopping the aging process – and has found out what works and what does not. If you start young enough there is even the possibility of delaying aging. In the field of anti-aging medicine, all the efforts are being made in the direction of non-pharmaceutical drugs. It is investigating what are the things we can do naturally that would in effect cause a positive out.e to the health and performance of our bodies. Even if you do telomere testing (DNA testing of chromosomes to determine biological age) you are still not using any pharmaceutical grade medicine. Much care is taken to use only supplements that are naturally found in the body. Nutrients As a person ages, the biochemistry of the body goes out of balance. A person may have difficulty assimilating nutrients, or some may just be lost. By determining what is missing and providing the body with the needed nutrients, the chemistry .es back into balance and the body younger biologically. The genetic pattern has been changed. The process can be changed with the addition of powerful nutrients to the body. There are youthful genes and aging genes and as the years roll by, the youthful genes turn off and the aging genes turn on. The process can be reversed. Declining Hormones When a person gets older other things happen to the body. Tumor genes may turn on. There is more inflammation in the body. Because of these things a person can get a disease and the body dies. One theory of aging asserts that declining hormone levels cause the aging process – not that aging causes declining hormones. We want to handle that by getting the correct nutrition and hormonal balance in the body. Anti-aging medicine .es straight from the theory of aging, that declining hormones cause the aging process to occur, not the other way around. So if you work with that theory, then balancing hormones can cause the aging process to reverse. When replacing hormones, several things are taken into account. Testing to determine which hormones are on the decline and in what amount can provide information to tailor a program of replacement. Bioidentical hormones – that is hormones that match the body’s own hormones – are very important. These procedures to halt and reverse the aging process are available to all who avail themselves of it at Angel Longevity Medical Center in Los Angeles. Dr. Mather and her team have many proven successes in the field. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: