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Real-Estate Property in Faridabad, the largest city and industrial hub of Haryana is sought after by people as it is considered the best bet for safe living in the region of NCR. The industrial studies predicts that Faridabad is going to be the city of the decade 2011-21 of India, as there has been a big boom in economic development and new ventures of infrastructure .ing up there. The city has already carved a name for it in production of Henna, Motorbikes, Gears, Refrigerators, Shoes, Tractors and Tyres, and now is ready to look into new ventures. Real Estate Boom The recent real estate boom which hit the city of Faridabad has changed the familiar skyline of the city in just few years. The high demand of both residential and .mercial properties has seen a lot of new infrastructure ventures .ing up in the sector. Situated to the south of the national capital Delhi, the city shares its border with Gurgaon, and UP, thus making it a prime location in the NCR region. In addition the city is well connected both by road and railway. Situated at just 25 km from Delhi, which is facing a land crunch, Faridabad has benefitted from the demand and emerged as the most sought after destination for investors, and people seeking a nice home. Though Faridabad has great geographical and political advantage, the property has been underpriced here when .pared to its neighboring cities. Property Dealers Buying residential property in Faridabad means a big life time investment for the middle class people. Hence, they seek the help of About the Author: 相关的主题文章: