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How To Reduce The Cost Of Employee Health Insurance Posted By: Fran Bishop

employee health insurance 5 Proven Ways To Host A Successful Corporate Fitness Or Wellness Event Posted By: Fran Bishop

Corporate wellness Events 5 Ways Your Workplace Wellness Program Can Empower Your Employees To Make A Difference Posted By: Fran Bishop CEOs of some of the country’s largest companies are scrapping the spreadsheets and foregoing discussions of their wellness program’s ROI. Why? Because unlike the return on your marketing investment or the cost of new products and services, your investment in employee wellness goes far beyond your bottom line. As reported by the Washington Business Journal, when Honest Tea CEO Seth Goldman gifted every single one of his employees with a new bicycle, he wasn’t thinking about how he’d make that money back. Instead, Goldman’s ROI was measured in improved employee perception, better company culture, and an exponential feeling of wellness that expanded from his employees to their families and, ultimately, the community. Across the country, successful wellness programs are putting a priority on people. Instead of focusing on financial returns, more and more corporations are considering how investing in their employees’ wellness impacts family life, community involvement, and society as a whole. Here are 5 big benefits of creating employee wellness programs that go beyond the bottom line. 1. The Promotion of Personal Health Healthy employees are not only more productive in the workplace;

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AFC Management Services A Two-way Street: How Clients And Vendors Can Work Together To Improve Employee Wellness (case Study Posted By: Fran Bishop

AFC Management Services Case Study: Designing A Unified Employee Wellness Program For Multiple Office Locations. Posted By: Fran Bishop Sometimes everything just falls into place. That’s how it has felt working with our current client, a large government agency with a multi-faceted workforce spread out across three states and five different locations. But the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from a wildly successful partnership doesn’t just happen by chance – it takes hard work, dedication, and the willingness of both parties to embrace innovation. Here is how we worked together to exceed set goals, increase ROI, and revamp their employee wellness programs across the board. THE CHALLENGE Our challenge with this client was to help them streamline and synthesize their wellness program in order to increase employee attendance and make a significant impact on their employee’s physical, emotional, and mental health. When we first began working with them, our client had implemented a wide variety of wellness offerings for their employees, including The Biggest Loser-type wellness competitions, boot camps, and an ever-changing array of classes and instructors. The problem was that our client was not seeing a strong ROI for their efforts. Employee engagement was inconsistent. When a new, exciting program was offered during one month, attendance would top 200 people.

AFC Management Services 10 Proven Ways To Reduce Employee Healthcare Costs Posted By: Fran Bishop In a previous article, I revealed the #1 way to reduce the cost of employee healthcare in your company: by making your employees well. The solution may sound simple, but it really does work. By providing your employees with exciting wellness options that involve the entire family, you can significantly reduce the burden of healthcare costs by improving and sustaining healthy employees long-term. Here are my Top 10 resources for getting employees excited about your fitness program and maintaining a healthy lifestyle in and out of the office. 1. Fitbit Giving your employees a Fitbit fitness tracker is a fantastic way to get them engaged (even obsessed!) with tracking their fitness levels. In addition to helping them track how far they’ve walked and how much sleep they’re getting, a nifty gadget like a Fitbit has the power to involve the whole family. Spouses and kids can get their own Fitbits and everyone can track fitness as a family! 2. Weight Watchers Making one of the most popular weight loss programs available to your employees is a surefire way to increase engagement and enhance employee health. Many people participate in Weight Watchers outside of work.

AFC Management Services 92% Of Successful Eap Programs Are Taking 5 New Tactics In 2015… Is Yours One Of Them Posted By: Fran Bishop Last month I revealed 5 effective ways to increase sign-up"s and participation in your Employee Wellness Program. This month, you"ll learn how to move beyond the initial sign-up, and ensure that interest and participation in your program only grows stronger with time. After all, it"s much easier to keep the current Wellness Program members you already have than it is to recruit new members. Offering "one and done" upfront incentives is not enough to retain your membership long-term. Instead, it"s crucial to continually find fresh, relevant incentives to keep participation levels high and engagement consistent over time. Here are 5 effective ways to turn your new wellness recruits into long-term super fans of your Wellness Program in 2015: 1.Get hyper-specific with your engagement Last month we identified your target market and discussed ways to engage with them through your program offerings. Now it"s time to dig deeper and capitalize on your employee"s specific interests. Take Millennials, for example.

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AFC Management Services How To Create An Employee Wellness Program With Little To No Budget Posted By: Fran Bishop

AFC Management Services Wasted Wellness: Why Employees Aren’t Taking Advantage Of Your Wellness Program Posted By: Fran Bishop Are you having a difficult time getting employees to participate in your company’s wellness program? For many HR directors, the time and money spent creating work-life balance programs seems wasted when employees miss workshops and fail to take advantage of the various programs and opportunities you’ve taken the time to create. While it may seem next to impossible, there are proven, effective ways to activate your employees and inspire them to take part in your wellness program. Here are 5 effective ways to increase employee involvement and transform your wellness program from "most missed" to "must go!" 1. Identify Your "Target Market" Not all employees are created equal. This is especially true when it comes to health and wellness. Millennials have different needs than the 40+ crowd. Employees with young families need different programs than single people or those who have adult children. Begin by identifying and categorizing your employees into different demographics. Is your company made up of mostly individuals in age range of 30-40? Are 50% recent college graduates and 50% more than 50 years old? Take a look at the numbers before you… 2.

AFC Management Services 5 Effective Ways To Win Government Contracts Posted By: Fran Bishop Do you want to win government contracts and ensure the success of your small business for years to come? You"re not alone. Lucrative government contracts are some of the most sought-after projects in any industry, but especially in the health and wellness sector. So how can you get your foot in the door, stand out from the competition, and win government contracts that will build your reputation and make your business thrive? Start with these 5 easy-to-implement steps: 1. Do a Network Check Take a good, hard look at your LinkedIn profile. Scan your social media accounts. Dip back into old email accounts and see who you know that is connected in the government sector. A personal relationship is the fastest, easiest and most effective way to start applying for and winning government contracts. Do not overlook the connections you already have. 2. Attend Industry-Specific Events If your goal is to win government contracts, attend local and national industry-specific events. It"s here that you"ll connect with the people looking to hire you and your business, and it"s here that you"ll get up-to-date information on the latest contracts and regulations in your industry.

AFC Management Services Posted By: Fran Bishop

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