Allergy Symptoms – Confusing No More-yo te amo

Health Nowadays allergy symptoms plague a majority of Americans. I for one have continually struggled with understanding the signs that indicate an allergic reaction. Every day we are exposed to foods that could cause us food intolerance like lactose intolerance to drugs that can give us side effects that are due to our body reacting negatively to it. Even the simple pleasure of spending time in the backyard expose you to other possible allergens like grass and flowers. Understanding your allergy symptoms and treating the underlying causes are two very important parts of finding an effective solution to improving your health and wellness. There are many ways that people treat allergy symptoms. The band-aid approach of treating the allergic reaction quickly is pretty popular, yet often these treatments are short-lived. With patience and research, one can learn to manage these otherwise debilitating allergies. .mon allergy symptoms are seen throughout the world by both Allergists and Family Practitioners. Doctors tend to categorize the symptoms as mild, moderate or severe. The most .mon fall into the mild and moderate category and include: * Chronic Sinusitis * Watery Eyes that can be.e Red and Itchy * Rash * Congestion * Itchiness * Difficulty breathing Chronic sinusitis is possibly the most frequent sign of an allergy. This usually causes sinus headaches as the nasal passages are continually clogged and sometimes draining as well. Watery eyes are another very .mon allergy symptom which can cause painful irritation. This causes scratching which can make matters worse particularly in children who usually show no restraint. In order to treat these symptoms, there are a variety of medications available to help stop this reaction and inflammation process. Both prescription and over-the counter medicines are available. Eye drops like Visine are often used as well to take out redness and irritation from the eyes. Natural approaches popular for treating so many things nowadays are also an option when it .es to treating allergy symptoms as well. An example of this is the herb milk thistle which cleanses the liver and helps it to function properly which helps those with food intolerance. Severe reaction otherwise known as anaphylaxis is more rare but is life-threatening. It may begin with a .mon symptom like itching of the eyes or face but will suddenly progress to include: * Swelling that effects breathing and swallowing * Abdominal pain * Cramps * Vomiting * Diarrhea * Dizziness(possible mental confusion) If you think you are experiencing anaphylaxis seek emergency help immediately. Other allergy symptoms may cause more reactions that can occur even weeks after an exposure. This type of allergy is probably the most difficult to diagnose. Sufferers continue to experience problems for years. Some are continually misdiagnosed particularly for those with allergy symptoms that include gastro-intestinal issues such as irritable bowel syndrome, constipation or diarrhea. Finding the food that causes these reactions and eliminating them is the only way to find relief. Depression and attention deficit have also surprisingly been linked as an allergy symptom to certain chemicals or food additives. Out of the box treatments such as acupuncture may help to find the root causes of these allergy symptoms. Many times we like to brush off our allergy symptoms as minor nuisance. We would rather think we have a cold than address the process of trying to identify your allergies and treat them appropriately. We continue to eat some things that we know don’t agree with us and just chalk it up to the latest stomach flu. Do yourself a favor and bring these symptoms up to your doctor. It doesn’t hurt to ask and the answers could help drastically improve the quality of your life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: