And for the first time to respond to and brother gossip more than lianrenweiman yo te amo

And for the first time to respond to and brother gossip: emotional problems more than lianrenweiman LOL and mm Goging anchor and big brother, do not know how many broken into the hearts of the friends, friends to live for today and for tomorrow to brother’s brother, live for small matchmaking, is also a busy awfully. In recent days, and mm in an interview for the first time, a positive response to the scandal and the eldest brother, let’s take a look. Small reporter asked: why choose leave Betta pandas? Which aspect is the consideration? What do pandas attract you? Cang sister answer: in fact, the choice of platform even if love, see eye to eye on the line, the whole atmosphere of panda here is very good, but usually chat with friends here and interactive, full of happy feeling here. And when a reporter asked about the live small and big brother gossip, and mm to eight words is relatively simple: more than lianrenweiman! What’re the meaning of them? Perhaps there are a lot of small partners are not very understanding, then I’ll explain to you! AUO above lianrenweiman! In fact, from Taiwan, is precisely the Japanese "between friends", that is Chinese friend. Refers to the relationship between the two has been beyond the feelings of a friend, but has not reached the level of love. If you have heard of SHE’s famous song "lianrenweiman" words, which have the lyrics "more than lianrenweiman"! These eight words are small and big brother can indeed very accurate description of two personal relationship in the present and you say they are friends? Feeling like a lover, like a lover, but also feel a little distance, there is a kind of distant and near the hazy feeling. And then find a boyfriend sister Cang said to have interest in the margin of the eye is the key. It seems that she and the eldest brother of this long-distance running is estimated to have to run for some time, but the age of Cang sister placed in the big brother you hurry up! (source: eSports event editor: D) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: