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Andouble House meeting toilet protest responded that Abe Shinzo never heard of before data figure original title: Japan’s Andouble again on the toilet over Andouble complained: don’t let has never heard of before [global network reporter Chu Xiaohui reported] Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in February 19th to participate in the House Budget Committee asked the opposition party toilet objection, complaining pain "even the toilet time will not give, never heard of before". According to Japan’s Sankei Shimbun reported that the Japanese House of Representatives member of the Osaka Reform Council, too, too, against the Democratic Party and the reform party to dissuade Abe toilet said, "hit."". It is reported that 19 days of the House Budget Committee, the reform party persimmon Ze Ze way, Japan’s "minimum living security" proposal, the venue commotion. Andouble left the convenience, kakizawa Liberal Democratic Party committee under the requirements of long bamboo through the stop questioning time, Andouble returned to the seat for the time being. Later, kakizawa questions come to an end, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of finance Taro Aso accept the bamboo specified to reply, Andouble immediately left. Although kakizawa asked the Prime Minister Aso and the respondent, on behalf of the Democratic Party, the mountain is well and even "ridiculous", questioning Bamboo under protest. Later, Andouble returned to the toilet said: "just say tax relief to the time to go to the bathroom. Never heard of before, have never heard of before. It is reported that the dispute over this issue has been more than once, in February 27, 2013, a number of Japanese opposition MPs accused Abe Shinzo of frequent toilet in the past two months of Parliament meeting, leading to opposition parties can not find a question when asked. Some Democrats complain privately that Abe is afraid of being forced by the opposition members to deliberately hide in the toilet? In the current Congress, Andouble has left many times, so that the questioner can not find anyone. The budget committee member, feldspar well, did not adopt the proposal of the Democratic party. But the ruling Liberal Democratic Party members argue that "going to the toilet is a physiological phenomenon."." There are media reports, Abe Shinzo from 17 years old suffering from ulcerative colitis the refractory disease. Abe Shinzo, who was still at school, would be stressed because of mental stress, and the habit of diarrhea was accompanied by him for more than 40 years. Editor in chief: Liu Debin SN222

安倍众议院会议时如厕被抗议 回应称前所未闻 安倍晋三 资料图   原标题:日朝野再就安倍如厕起争执 安倍抱怨:不让方便前所未闻   【环球网报道 记者 初晓慧】日本首相安倍晋三2月19日在参加众议院预算委员会时离席如厕遭到在野党异议,痛发牢骚“连上厕所的时间都不给,前所未闻”。   据日本《产经新闻》报道,日本众议院议员大阪维新会的松浪健太针对民主党和维新党劝阻安倍如厕称,“受到了打击”。   据悉,19日众议院预算委员会上,维新党柿泽未途就日本“最低生活保障”进行提案时会场发生骚动。安倍离席方便,柿泽要求自民党委员长竹下亘停止提问计时,安倍暂且回到了座位。   之后,柿泽的提问告一段落,副首相兼财务相麻生太郎接受竹下指定进行答辩,安倍立刻离席而去。虽然柿泽要求首相答辩,而麻生代由展开,民主党的山井和则连称“可笑”,追问竹下表示抗议。   之后,如厕返回的安倍称:“刚说减轻税率前所未闻,去卫生间不给时间也前所未闻。   据悉,有关该问题的争议已不止一次,2013年2月27日日本多位反对党议员曾指责安倍晋三在过去两个月国会开会时频繁地上厕所,导致在野党发问时找不到人。   有民主党议员私下抱怨说,安倍是不是害怕被在野党议员刁难而故意躲到厕所?当期国会,安倍已经多次中途离开,让发问者找不到人。预算委员会委员长石井一最终未采纳民主党的提案。而执政的自民党议员则辩解说:“上厕所是一种生理现象。”   有媒体报道介绍,安倍晋三从17岁就患上了溃疡性大肠炎这个难愈之疾。当时还在学校读书的安倍晋三凡遇考试临近,就会因精神紧张而引起压力,这拉肚子的“习惯”也就伴随了他40多年。 责任编辑:刘德宾 SN222相关的主题文章: