Another French style drive car – Dongfeng Renault Koleos

Another French style drive of Dongfeng Renault Koleos Sohu automobile is perhaps the Apennine Peninsula leisure created French romantic, they always work in and out of the ordinary. This effort is used to do the car, will get the same effect. Just like the Renault koleos. Its appearance is not similar to that of the previous version, and you can’t see their kinship. And its experience is also somewhat complex, although it belongs to the French brand, but the design and development is the South Korean Renault Samsung, while the platform is the Renault Nissan Alliance CMF platform. Now it is produced by Dongfeng Renault Wuhan factory production. The hybrid, unveiled at the Beijing auto show this year, is expected to go on sale in China next month, even earlier than the French market. This time we drive this car 2.5L top version. The car offers 2.0L and 2.5L two kinds of power configuration, the 2.0L version of 2.5L is only the precursor, the precursor and 4WD two options. As far as the information is known, the 2.5L version of the configuration will be flat with the top 2.0L level. Based on past experience, 2.0L should be its main sales model, because it has not yet listed, so the specific configuration and price is unknown. Interior workmanship with plenty of power and smooth相关的主题文章: