Apple’s new patent exposure in the future can be collected by iPhone fingerprint theft

Apple’s new patent exposure in the future can be iPhone by collecting the thief fingerprint security Tencent technology news according to foreign media reports, recently a new Apple patent exposure, this patent aims to solve the long-standing problem of theft of mobile phone to iPhone. Apple’s iPhone phone has always been the focus of the thief’s goal, so Apple has been to strengthen the security function of iPhone. This Thursday, a new Apple patent exposure, this patent content with iPhone about the patent anti-theft, described by illegal user biometric information storage scheme, it can enhance the management of mobile phone security and help the police in combating the crime of theft. According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office released Apple patent application documents show that Apple’s patent called "not capture biological information by user identity authorization technology, it can through the use of iPhone and iPad on the Touch ID module, camera and other sensors to collect is illegal without identity details of authorized users the (namely the use of Touch ID to collect the illegal user fingerprint device on a camera by illegal user photos). At present, iPhone or iPad if the user through the Touch ID to unlock it, he tried to chance only five times, once five times to unlock fingerprint fails, the system will automatically jump to the input 6 digit password to unlock the interface. Once the user has ten consecutive fingerprint unlock failed or input digital password unlock fails, then iPhone or iPad unlock interface will enter into a very long lock up period, or equipment directly automatically all its internal data to erase all (depending on the user’s personal settings). In addition, once the device is locked, the device restart, unlock time interval of 48 hours, or when the device owner wants to manage Touch ID and password settings, you must enter a password to unlock. In addition based on the original mobile phone lock on multiple data information of the new Apple patent can capture more illegal users through the device, such as collecting fingerprint information and photos but try to unlock the loser. Interestingly, the patent application document also mentions how the device captures biometric data from unauthorized users and how to propose a solution. In addition to collect his fingerprints and photos in the illegal user tries to unlock, as long as the illegal user to touch the equipment, the patent can also provide more biological information without authorized user data is recorded in the background, as the operation time, equipment location, speed, pressure and audio data. Apple mobile phone in order to enhance the safety and security, they have been based on the original equipment to unlock password with Touch ID, the fingerprint sensor more convenient and accurate, and the safety is relatively high. The birth of this patent, the security of the iPhone will once again raise a grade. It is understood that apple in April this year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office filed the patent application documents, the invention of artificial Byron B. Han, Craig A. Marci!相关的主题文章: