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B, self testing method of ectopic pregnancy – Sohu maternal pregnancy preparation for almost a year, the middle of how many times crying have been numerous, had wanted to, if pregnant, must write down their experiences and feelings, do not talk nonsense. 1 prepare pregnant six months to no avail, must do the shadow, don’t be through liquid and direct imaging, very intuitive, where through where the barrier, which is our own position can see very clearly, second months to prepare pregnant, the landlord is the shadow of second months pregnant. 2 to ovulation test and B Ultrasound combined with the use of my energy-saving when B Ultrasound 2 follicles. 3 even if this side will not ovulation shadow homework, had ectopic except landlord don’t understand what my right or not, whether or not I’m picking up eggs on the side, I knew the good side of pipe down. About 4 days of pregnancy measured, "there is a 10 day out of print, the basic game of the post, written very carefully, I use the David, the 10 day, after has not been measured, if it has been measured for 11.12 days should be printed, should write posts," David 12 day out of print, the basic game, "this is to determine their ovulation situation, too late to test out the gray seal, mostly not too good. About 5 of ectopic pregnancy, the landlord also started very worried, afraid of palace, also recently saw a lot of ectopic pregnancy post, combined with his own experience, the majority of ectopic pregnancy measured relatively late, the beginning of deepening is not too good, have brown secretion, normal pregnancy, ovulation day 13.14 hCG should be 200 about David strip is obvious fly for 13.14 days, the normal ovulation David detected obvious powder should be in, because the landlord so the landlord once hCG is not checked, my doctor is my neighbor, he told me, no bleeding, stomach pain no blood, with test paper can not see more, normal early pregnancy, deepen absolutely not normal, we think, fell on the side of the seed is certainly not planted seeds grow well. The landlord is 38 years old this year, her husband died of illness, remarried, prepare pregnant 3 months to no avail, then go to the hospital, six phase hormone FSH 11.16 is high, the doctor said the decline of ovarian function, and age, if the normal ovulation is the normal pregnancy. So every month to buy the ovulation test strip, measured by Yang do B Ultrasound detection to 2 month long follicle, follicle can own ovulation, carefully arrange monthly homework, a few months later still no fruit, middle and husband quarrel, and broke up, and separated from downtown, after banbangege, I found two who also cannot do without who decided to do the shadow, as found on the right side of a barrier film, the left side of the pass is very good, the doctor said on the line, next month to detection of ovarian follicle. Period of tenth days to do B Ultrasound, left right 1.2 follicles have no advantage, I am very happy just left, the doctor opened the kylin pill, said the follicle, the endometrium or 3 days to go to the left or the right side of the 1.2, 1.7, the doctor said this month seems to be on the right side of ovulation, why do I say start right there相关的主题文章: