Baidu’s third quarter earnings interpretation revenue growth hit a record low net profit growth ssdao

Baidu third quarter earnings: revenue growth on record low net profit growth to view the latest market Sina Technology Li Gen the morning of October 28th, the Baidu Inc (Nasdaq:BIDU) announced today that as of fiscal year 2016 September 30th third quarter unaudited financial statements. The report shows that the total revenue of Baidu in the third quarter of 18 billion 253 million yuan ($2 billion 737 million), compared with the same period last year fell 0.7%; third quarter net profit of 3 billion 102 million yuan ($465 million 200 thousand), growth of 9.2% over the same period last year. From the earnings report published, there are 6 areas of concern: 1) revenue growth in total revenue hit a record low net profit growth of 9.2% in the quarter from the Baidu data point of view, Baidu’s total revenue growth continued to slow down 0.7%, a record low, and is the first negative growth since listing". The main influencing factors from the "Wei Zexi incident" after the implementation of the "Interim Measures for the administration of Internet advertising", since September 1st formally implemented, to rely heavily on "network revenue" of the Baidu Inc, the impact is not small. Third quarter earnings report, network revenues accounted for 16 billion 470 million yuan, down by 6.7%, the first negative growth. Baidu quarterly network marketing revenue in the third quarter net profit of $3 billion 102 million, an increase of 9.2% compared to the same period last year. The cause of the increase of net profit of or relating to the Baidu customer quality and cost control, Baidu chairman Robin Li said: "in the third quarter, more stringent audit standards of our advertisers continue to promote, to further enhance the quality of the customer." Cost control is the core of R & D spending from the decline in Baidu’s third quarter R & D spending was $2 billion 614 million (about $391 million 900 thousand), down 2.8% over the same period last year. In addition, mobile revenue growth continued to improve, the third quarter of Baidu’s mobile revenue in total revenue accounted for the proportion of last year was 54%. Although Baidu revenue hit a record low, but the earnings data is still higher than analysts expected. Wall Street analysts on average expected 15, Baidu’s revenue will reach $2 billion 710 million in the third quarter. Reported that Baidu’s third quarter revenue of RMB 18 billion 253 million yuan (about $2 billion 737 million), exceeding analyst expectations. However, in the next quarter outlook, Baidu management is still lack of confidence in growth. Baidu expects fiscal fourth quarter total revenues of $17 billion 840 million (about $2 billion 675 million) to 18 billion 380 million yuan (about $2 billion 756 million), down 1.7% to an increase of 4.6%. Where the impact is not included in the performance, which is expected to represent the 2016 quarter of fiscal year Baidu is expected in fiscal year total revenue fell by 2% to an increase of 0.9%. In other words, Baidu’s new course – the results of the emergence of artificial intelligence, Baidu revenue will continue to be affected by the Wei Zexi incident brought about by the impact of advertising regulation. Baidu chairman Li Yan.相关的主题文章: