Beijing is now more than overtaking pengci scam tactics like waiting – Beijing

Beijing is now more than "overtaking pengci" scam tactics like "waiting" – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Zhang Xiao) after much disappeared in the South "overtaking pengci fraud, recently in Beijing streets. In urban high narrow road, a vehicle deliberately slowed down, to be the driver when overtaking, lay in ambush in cycling man took the initiative to cut into, in order to make the accident compensation. In recent days, Shunyi, Daxing and other drivers are similar to the newspaper to reflect the experience. In October 28th, the Shunyi District wall rich road, a black Buick Excelle sedan block Zhang driving the truck through, after repeated whistle is invalid, Mr. Zhang overtake on the left side of the reverse Lane Excelle car. However, overtaking the moment, in front of a man riding a bike suddenly fell, but Mr. Zhang did not collide with it. A few minutes later, Mr. Zhang was Excelle car stopped, and was told to "butt", then leave the Excelle car. Zhang found a man riding a bike, the other has been sitting on the ground. Although there is no trauma, but the man insisted to go to the hospital to see a doctor. After Zhang agreed, the man sitting in the car, but soon refused to seek medical treatment, and the phone broke on the grounds, Mr. Zhang claims 5000 yuan. Mr. Zhang will be on the 300 yuan in advance for him, and he took home 3500 yuan in cash. The next day, Mr. Zhang feel cheated, reported to the police in Shunyi. Yesterday morning, Daxing Huai Fang Road, Mr. Wang encountered a similar situation. Overtake the moment, Mr. Wang saw a man riding a bike to take him down, but also to extrapolate to the bike. With the same case, the man proposed to go to the hospital to check out, but from the bag took out a damaged "CNC machine chip", also with the attached invoice to prove the value of a million. Then, the man call 122 accident alarm call, the police suggested that Mr. Wang and the private man. The man called the "director" telephone, "director" asked Mr. Wang immediately for the chip, otherwise also lose the factory lost income. Mr. Wang said, a detail that he see through deception. "As a general rule, we call 122, usually busy. Even if it is connected, but also after listening to voice prompts, there are artificial services. But he just made a phone call, the police received, a bit too high efficiency." The Dahongmen traffic police attendance and Mr. Wang confirmed that, in addition to him there is no police officers. At this point, the man has been thrown off the bike escape. The reporters found that as early as two years ago, "overtaking pengci" hoax staged in Guangdong, Hubei and other places, after the police strike, the momentum has convergence. Encountered pengci, a lawyer who advises not to negotiate with each other easily, but immediately alarm, let the police handle. Conditional should be added to the vehicle traffic recorder. According to the police, "overtaking pengci" people often use the driving step pressure double solid line to overtake other illegal driving behavior of pengci, the public should also pay attention to regulate driving, not to leave the opportunity to cheat. J243相关的主题文章: