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Beijing people spend holidays about 6000000000 veteran brand hot Paihao super 200- Sohu news Legal Evening News (reporter Zhang Xin) Beijing Municipal Commission of Commerce announced this afternoon, the Commission focused on monitoring the 120 commercial service industry holiday 7 days cumulative sales of 6 billion 30 million yuan, an increase of 7.7% during the golden week, shopping, catering, leisure and entertainment parents and other functions in one of the shopping center, attracting a large number of people went to the outlet. The first two were launched, Seth Oteri J floats performances, shopping discounts and other activities. The 7 day holiday, Jin Yuan MALL, new Yansha Aotelaisi enterprises such as an increase in sales of more than 10%. National Day is the home improvement spending season, the capital of household goods stores, home appliance retail enterprises to carry out major promotional activities. During the national day of sales year-on-year increase in the Beijing area during the national day, an increase of more than 40%, the steady growth of air-conditioning, color TV, refrigerator washing machine, kitchen and bathroom products sales. Thanks to the sale of iPhone 7, the phone became the best-selling category, an increase of more than 200%. During the festival, the consumption of wedding related goods is relatively concentrated. Caibai company launched the "happy life, love in the food", buy gold and silver jewelry gift, full full draw, but also participate in the lucky lucky game. Holiday 7 days, Caishikou Department of gold and silver jewelry merchandise sales grew by 16.7%. National Day holiday, the capital of the old town is booming, the same period in previous years, sales growth in the previous year, a higher base hit a new high. The National Day holiday, song garden restaurant, restaurant and other time-honored brand, the earth grew more than 20%. And like the hongbinlou, Regina, Xi’an old restaurant, Emei restaurant, song garden restaurant, Yuhua Taiwan is a time-honored holiday appeared in a single day an increase of more than 30% hot scenes. The time-honored appeared multiple peak dining on national day, sign up almost every day of the peak of more than 200 customers.相关的主题文章: