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Beijing – VIDEO – Fujian "three kings" memorial in the ancestral roots in Henan Gushi open [comment] Fujian "three kings" memorial hall in September 26th in the central Henan Gushi opened its first overseas Chinese ", this is the first memorial Fujian" three kings "in the ancestral roots. On the same day, former vice chairman of NPC Standing Committee Wang Hanbin, Wang Zhi thirty-sixth generation descendant of Wang Mingyi as the "three kings" Fujian Memorial opening ceremony, indicates that the museum was officially kaimennake. China Tang Dynasty Wang Chao and Wang, Wang Zhi trial? Three brothers, known as "three kings fujian". In 885 ad, the "three kings" from Henan Kwangju Gushi Fujian, unified Fujian, Ding Jian min. One thousand years later, first throughout the world, is currently in Taiwan there are nearly 50 known descendants of King trial. The memorial hall was built by Fujian "three kings" seed investment covers an area of 4876 square meters, including the statue hall, this hall, King Hall nine, the memorial building was Fujian style. The museum displays the "three kings" historical relics, pictures, etc., to show the world the "three kings" water conservancy construction, development and expansion of maritime trade performance nongsang. On the same day, the reporter saw at the memorial hall of the temple minwang temple, the statue of Fujian "three kings" looms large, nearly 1000 to the roots of the clan who is in front of the statue, by twos and threes to pictures, and listened carefully to guide on the Fujian "three kings", the memory of ancestors. Wang Zhi thirty-sixth generation descendant of Wang Mingyi said in an interview, invest in the construction of Fujian "three kings" memorial on the one hand is to let more people at home and abroad to the "three kings" ancestral roots in memory, understanding "Fujian ancestral" valiant record. The same period [] (Wang Zhi thirty-sixth generation descendant of Wang Mingyi) one thousand years ago, Wang three, Wang Chao, Wang, Wang Zhi trial? Three brothers from Kwangju, Gushi brought the south, going through numerous difficulties and dangers, and finally dominate the whole Fujian, they zhongyuanheluo culture, farming civilization and Yin Ren wind and benevolent rule governing strategy the Fujian times, rewriting wild bandits rebellion, and the historical background of The people are destitute. starving everywhere. [comment] for the first time to study the origin of the family name in Fujian province Gushi Association Zhuang Yixian said, as the "three kings" of the Henan ancestral roots in Gushi each year to the tens of thousands of descendants of Wang’s ancestral roots, Fujian "three kings" memorial is undoubtedly the most direct and realistic memory of. The same period [] (President Zhuang Yixian of Fujian Province as the origin of surname surname) most of Fujian’s roots in Gushi, so we have to see the origins of surnames, tracing the flow, the first source of origin is Gushi, so I must go to Gushi as president, to have a feeling about this, we Gushi’s rich cultural heritage this, people and the homeland of emotion. Henan reporter Kan Gushi reported相关的主题文章: