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[best] low-key luxury Nasibi submarine – Sohu and Nasibi ten before brand building in Japan in 40 years ago, after several generations of exploration and accumulation, become a wonderful Japanese culture, Japanese restaurants ranked the top ten, in order to provide beautiful taste experience service to attract diners Everfount. In 2006, Nasibi into Chinese catering market, located in Hangzhou, the friendship hotel location West Lake, sitting on the 18 layer of the West Lake scenic panoramic look, 2011 has opened second stores in Hangzhou in Narada, an area of 450 square. Nasibi in Hangzhou business is quite low-key, almost did not enable any means of promotion, settled friendly hotel, Narada, lock the high-end consumer object, the high-end restaurant seafood raw materials and seasonings, three times a week by the Japanese air to China by Japanese chef, chef cooking, to provide quality assurance for fresh ingredients and cooking styles. Located at the friendship hotel 18 layers Nasibi ten thousand Flower Restaurant, elegant environment, quiet quiet. Atrium for the display area, most of the boxes are full of windows, you can look at the panorama of West Lake. The restaurant can be seen in the Japanese style decorations, a unique style in japan. The kitchen table is fully transparent, the guests are interested, can enjoy the whole process of chef cooking, noon appointment came from across the atrium to the balcony, through the kitchen, the kitchen management system that views Nasibi rigorous. Sashimi assorted cold dishes as freshness point praise! Most of the seeds of love salmon sashimi, caviar translucent crystal, like a jewel, pour the lemon juice, entrance bite roe, Q shells exploding taste, is the ultimate experience of pleasure tongue. The sea urchin sashimi, this is frozen, if you want to eat live sea urchins require an appointment in advance, the number of sea urchin each shipment is not very much, and the loss is bigger, because the air long had an impact on the survival rate of the sea urchin arrived. Nasibi has been in continuous innovation, R & D delicious dishes to cater to high-end diners more tricky taste requirements, New Radish foie gras this season, foie gras because of its rich nutrition and special effect, become the ideal food for the health of the blood. The Europeans will foie gras with roe sauce, truffle and known as the world’s three major food. The radish contains a very rich nutrition, a large number of vitamins and minerals, has a good detoxification efficacy. Big plump foie gras and cooking Sulan tasty carrots taste collocation with perfect unexpected presentation. The foie gras radish price is 68 yuan, but this summer activities push new dishes, as long as there is a female passenger company, will be 50 percent off. Roast beef tongue persimmon leaves compared with red wine, beef tongue, Portsmouth leaf burn more loyal to the original cut beef tongue, thick beef tongue, like the delicious entrance embellishment, kiss. Sushi assorted cold dishes, full of fresh material, exquisite. The boss wings, especially fellow little sisters recommended, have tenacity children feel more like snacks, personal. Grilled side fish, 68 yuan a copy of the recent activities is full of $400 to send a copy. We y相关的主题文章: