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BJ20:safari jacket — a safari jacket? Auto – Sohu general manager of the Beijing women’s volleyball team to win, let the car sales company Cai Jianjun very excited, he will live in BJ20 communication, quoted Lang Ping’s words interpretation of the spirit of women — women’s volleyball team spirit, not always win, but at a low point, do not give up efforts. Cai Jianjun was inspired, immediately felt BJ20 sales target set low. BJ20’s monthly sales target is set to not less than 0, but in the communication conference, Cai Jianjun repeatedly mentioned that this month to sell the car million". Cai Jianjun felt that the BJ20 month pin can be over a million BJ20 is a class a SUV, before is the brand of "Beijing" the first city, SUV, BJ40, BJ80 are hardcore off-road type SUV non bearing body. In the current domestic market, hard off-road SUV share is still very low, accounting for only 2% of the total SUV, total is 120 thousand units a year, "we have a month to sell 1000 units, market share is 10%." Deputy general manager of Beijing auto sales company Chen Siying said. Obviously, the market size is too small, although the car in Beijing is regarded as the "China cross-country family", but the "BJ" brand does not share this a SUV bonus, because 98% of the SUV city SUV. So, BJ20 is coming. This is a typical A-level SUV, which is also normal, however, in 2016 a class SUV accounted for 34% of the entire SUV market share, is the largest body of a market segment. Although there is a pair of off-road LOOK, but BJ20 is a typical A-class city SUV. Although it is a city of SUV, but after all, is BJ series, physical design, tough close professional off-road vehicles through, let the car in the city of SUV has spread in a special. The front face of a little Jeep taste a bit like Land Rover, taillight Aurora, so when it comes to competitors, Chen Siying said, it is not a direct competitor, trying to find, can be said to standard freedom man image, the car on the grid on the breeze X7 — is certainly not the Land Rover aurora. Although how many there are some traces of imitation, but land and X7 is almost copied Land Rover Aurora, the overall design of the BJ20 or have their own ideas, this point, compared to the previous BJ40, BJ80, is also a major progress. This is the main communication test is to deal with, manufacturers are very sorry to say that in September 10th after the listing will arrange the real car test drive, so many of the technical details, BAIC have not disclosed, the car is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine, the maximum torque of 210 nm, the transmission is 6 speed manual and CVT two. The weight of 1420 kg, wheelbase and Geely bullyear, X7 Landwind 2670mm are the same. BJ20 is a tribute to the work of BJ212 from the size and power of the assembly, are!相关的主题文章: