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BlackBerry BB10 system resurrection? Authorized third party vendors – Sohu digital earlier this week, crying for a long time BlackBerry finally announced the termination of the mobile phone business, which is also a traditional NOKIA after the fall of the phone giant. However, the latest news shows that the BlackBerry is likely to be transformed from the mobile phone hardware software platform as a service provider. Foreign media has been confirmed from blackberry, Future Ltd will be interested in the third party vendors to provide BlackBerry hardware and software licenses, so that the BlackBerry continues to exist and the market. Blackberry mobile sales senior vice president Alex? Thurber confirmed that BlackBerry will continue to support the BB10 operating system, and hopes to open the system to third party authorization, but have not yet reached this point. BlackBerry stressed that even if it is licensed to third parties, BlackBerry will also participate in the design and manufacture of each link, in strict accordance with the BlackBerry standards require manufacturers to design and manufacture of mobile phone equipment, or even add BlackBerry hardware key. Because this is related to the user’s information and communication security, and this is the BlackBerry has been part of the final.相关的主题文章: