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Hurry, the most important thing of the whole primary school stage only this one – Sohu maternal public number: picture book selection (ID:huibenjingxuan) 89 free resources | picture book | family education | tasting human action is parent-child manual is used, and this habit is mostly in the form of juvenile, so in childhood. We should pay special attention to habits. But habits are not uniform, there are good and bad habits to maintain a good, long life by their blessing, habits are not good, it is tired of life. Famous educator, child psychologist Chen Heqin is, childhood is the golden time to develop good habits! However, throughout the primary school, whether it is a child, or we focus on learning. A more direct point is to focus on grades or scores. But where did the best grades come from? In fact, very simple, good results come from good habits. In primary school, the most important thing is to cultivate children’s good study habits! 1, reading and reciting. The ancients said: the book to read a hundred times, its meaning from the view. Morning reading is particularly important. Reading is very important for understanding the text and reciting. To develop the interest of reading and reciting habit is the most urgent task in primary school. Primary school Chinese, mathematics and English, but also have their own need to memorize the knowledge points. In Chinese, we should pay attention to guide children to develop good reading habits and master some basic reading methods. Children can be encouraged to read more interesting books, novels or biographies of what can be. Books, according to their own reading, intensive reading and extensive reading of A. Remember the title and author of the book for reading, some good sentences, can draw annotations, you can write your own reading experience. For reading books, can read or skim. In primary school, each semester should ensure a certain amount of reading. "Qualitative change", with the increasing amount of reading, children’s language will become better and better. Grade semester reading semester reading reading every day the best qualified amount not less than 2 words 4 words 150 words two words 6 words 250 words 3 words 40 words 1500 words three 20 four 25 50 words 2000 words five words 45 words 90 words 3500 words six words 110 words 4500 words 55 aspects: mathematical concepts and formulas in understanding on the basis of clearance to recite. We can say with the child, to contact the book knowledge, appropriate to do some exercises, clear problem-solving ideas. In the process of solving problems, flexible use of good formula. Here are some tips for reciting mathematical formulas. When teaching children to recite, ask them to firmly remember the name or symbol, to really understand how the formula is, in the process of writing the formula, we must draw相关的主题文章: