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Internet-and-Business-Online If you are looking into the IPC Program to see if you can earn money from home, I can only tell you what I know. This is my general review of this program and then you can decide for yourself, if you think you can earn money with this program. The IPC program offers about $4,000 worth of software that you have .plete resale rights to. Most of the software can be used to help you earn money from home by helping you market online. You can either opt to sell the software individually or you can sell it all together and market the program, which is what most people choose to do. Once you make your $200 payment to the IPC Program and a one time $49 administration fee, you are then ready to start your business. The IPC Program does not charge you any monthly fees. Dan Miller, the CEO of IPC, has made this program with the idea that anyone can earn money from home as long as they are willing to treat this like the business it is. If you are brand new to network marketing, you can easily have your site up and running within a couple of hours as long as you follow his very detailed instructions. He has a lot of video and audio instructions that you just follow along step by step. When I did run into a question, I emailed him and he responded quickly. I have run into a question at a later date and called him and left a message and he called me back directly. The support is incredible. They try to get back to you within 24 hours and in my experience they do. Dan offers training within the back office how to market your site. With what he has available you can potentially be marketing your site and earning money the same day you have it set up. He encourages people to use no cost methods of marketing if you do not have the budget for paid advertising but offers training for it all. One thing I do re.mend ,when you are able, is to get the live training he offers. It is an additional one-time fee of $97, but it is well worth it. He does training on Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm CST. Each session is at least an hour long and very detailed. I have never been able to make the live session but Dan puts each session in your back office to access anytime. I will cover this training in more detail in another article. The .pensation plan is interesting. It is a staggered 3-up .pensation plan. It allows you to make money right away but still allows for residual in.e. Many .panies have you pass up your first and sometimes second sales as qualifying sales. The problem with that is for a new person the first sale is usually the hardest and when you make that sale you are rewarded by passing that up to your sponsor. With the staggered 3-up you pass up your second, fourth and sixth sale and you keep your first, third, fifth, seventh and all sales beyond that. You earn $200 for each sale you keep but ultimately end up passing up $600 in sales up to your sponsor. The reason I personally think this is great is that each sale you make that you keep is really worth $800. You get the first $200 right when they join and then later you will receive $200 for three of their sales. It allows for great residual payout. In my opinion you can definitely earn money working from home with the IPC Program. If you are looking for a get rich quick program, then you need to understand there is no such thing. Every program on-line no matter what they say takes some effort. Dan offers a solid program but if you dont follow his instructions and dont take the time to market it then you will not make money but if you do follow his instructions you can. Another thing you will find with the training you get is you can take what you learn from the IPC program and apply it to many others on-line so you can be making multiple streams of in.e. This is something he encourages, that alone tells me something about him and what he offers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: