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Jewelry-Diamonds Valentine’s Day, when think of those words, we always consider of romance. But in fact, on that day, not every pair of lovers enjoy such a happy holiday. Some people are facing of difficulties on Valentine’s Day, these things are enough to make him or her keep in mind and never forget. So, on that day, not everyone is happy. Now Cartier Trinity Ring will help you a lot. It will .pany with you and encourage you to get through those difficulties. Jake and Rose is a lover in university, they decide work together after graduation. But the reality is very cool, at last, they had to work at different cities. Because Jake is from Nanking and Rose is from Peking. At first, they contact with other frequently and chat in the net. When they miss each other very much, they will have a phone call. One day, Rose told him that she cannot stand it anymore, she hope that he can quit his job and work with her together. But Jake protested it and said that he has a bright future and why must I give up. After hearing his words, Rose was very sad. At last, they decided break up peacefully on Valentine’s Day. That day, Jake sends Rose a beautiful Cartier Trinity Ring. He said that it is really a pity that we cannot live together as a lover but I will not forget you forever because you have .pany with me to spend some beautiful days. It is memorable. He also said that the Cartier Trinity Ring was prepared for a long time and he hope that she can receive it. At that time, Rose can’t help to cry. She was touched enough and she stared at it for a long time. At last, they had to give up. Life is like this which is full of sorrow and regret. But we had to live it. Luckily is that Cartier Trinity Ring .pany with her, that is beautiful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: