Changsha organic illegal comprehensive renovation of villages — real estate —

Changsha "organic illegal" comprehensive renovation of villages — real estate — original title: "organic Changsha illegal" comprehensive renovation of villages for urban shanty towns, villages and the renovation of dilapidated buildings, most of the current city of our country facing the bottleneck, the shortage of land. Changsha Yuelu District bold exploration of "organic structures" model, which is not only illegal building demolition, intensive transformation, and supporting industry support and policy. This innovative approach not only saves money and land resources, but also to protect the traditional style of the old city, while making full use of the local cultural industry resources, the governance of the village has some reference and inspiration. Illegally built overgrown village in city and city development from the lake area is Yuelu District’s largest Changsha village, located in the south of the Mount Yuelu scenic area, including Yuelu street, Juzizhou subdistrict total of 3 villages and 1 communities, a total area of 2110 acres. Due to a variety of factors such as history, the area of the road is narrow and dilapidated, garbage everywhere, drainage and sewage is poor, dirty dirty water, a serious impact on the surrounding environment and the quality of life of local residents. Within the area of illegal construction is to "seize every opportunity" to barbaric growth. These illegally built with cement brick, and in disrepair. Most of them are rented floating population, many tenants burn coal cooking, heating, once the fire, fire engines are difficult to enter, security risks highlighted. According to statistics, to start remediation in September 2015, the area of illegal construction area of up to 600 thousand square meters. Here, the living environment and the illegal squatter lake water did not reach the normal residential requirements, but also restricts the overall development of the area of confusion surrounding scenic spots, universities and related industries. Over the years, the people of Changsha have been called on the area remediation. The splendid Hunan Cultural Creative Industry Park responsible person Yi Jun said, "after the lake Hunan culture" location, around 200 thousand teachers and students in Colleges and universities, brings together the culture art industry in Hunan Art Museum, Lake Art District and other projects, involving original art trading and art education training and other categories. However, affected by many factors, such as regional environment, the local culture and art industry is still scattered, small, weak". In situ transformation and industrial development with the same as other city village reconstruction, Changsha Lake area, illegal building renovation facing many difficulties. After the huge number of illegal construction of the lake area, and residents have become dependent on the formation of illegal income, remediation challenges are particularly severe. Since September 2015, Yuelu District combined with the surrounding local resources and practical exploration of "illegally built, organic structures", a comprehensive remediation of Lake area villages. First, the precise removal of illegal construction, not relocated residents. After the lake scenic area comprehensive improvement project headquarters, said the responsible person, after the lake area population density, the number of houses, a large number of illegal construction in the legal building. If all reinvent the wheel, will be typical of major demolition and construction, great financial burden. If the demolition of the entire area will increase the feelings of the masses. Ultimately determine the demolition of illegal construction, the principle of not moving a household. The two is a combination of area surrounding geographical advantage and cultural advantages, industrial advantages, according to local conditions and legal construction of illegal land left behind)相关的主题文章: