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Charged soft Plaid rustic? This is just a misunderstanding lead: standing in plaid flannel and combined when he touched a nail, the latter is soft material and comes with downy hazy effect, it seems not distinctive, but some "old". But the cheerful and lively Irish people quite pay attention to etiquette, but sometimes speaks quite straightforward — they call is not affected by many young people who love the "old flannel shirt without collar shirt" (Grandfather shirt Granddad shirt). However, not only the "old man", this shirt is bigger than the old age I am afraid Grandpa, making its use of flannel, have existed for over 500 years. (from: GQ man network) in the middle of the Swedish students, is the "old man wearing a shirt with short once made of wool flannel, from the beginning of the last century in the silk and cotton blended form, color also depends entirely on the dye. Born in Welsh, england. Perhaps the earliest can be traced back to sixteenth Century, but no later than seventeenth Century, people have created a flannel. A soft flannel as previously entrenched Welsh tweed fabrics, such as local native cotton and frieze. To nineteenth Century, many cities and towns opened flannel manufacturing industry, also led the sales of carding machine. This was the pioneer of the mechanization of wool, which had been Mao Shushun’s machine before it was woven. And flannel, to the number of Welsh, Yorkshire, Lancashire and Ireland’s most famous best. These areas flannel other area more soft touch, better quality. At that time no flannel dye, color to white, entirely by the textile blue, brown and black wool in different proportions. This inside downy, soft and comfortable and warm fabric will not only suit the lining made of downy, soft and comfortable and warm fabrics not only made suits, shirts to appear more often. Although the hand lines add softness with fabric and velvet, so that the majority of young people criticized the "country", but in fact, as long as the collocation is proper, even over Mike’s face, flannel shirt can also be functional and fashionable degree of integration. From color to pattern, NNo7’s shirt at first glance is the traditional version of flannel shirt appearance, has a more exquisite tailoring. Lightweight flannel smooth texture and delicate, gradient grid more gentle, and the details of shell buttons play the role of icing on the cake. As for the more smart dress model, there is not one above? NNo7 "Falk" slim straight thin flannel shirt box outline window box is simple and elegant, blue and yellow fabric collision buttons with high sense. J.Crew this shirt style classic all-match suit pants or jeans, with no problems. J.Crew from Mr Porter pane flannel shirt and remove all stripes of different colors and even decorative buttons, Berluti blue gray flannel shirt and a smooth and clean, tough, a cow相关的主题文章: