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.puters-and-Technology With the economy still trying to recover, charities are trying their best to .e up with innovative and effective means of raise the much needed money to make the organization work. Of the tested ways of .ing up with funds, there is one sure way to do it selling used cell phones online. This is not about millions of dollars but this can help small non-profit organizations. Aside from in.e generation, these moves also foster cooperation among members as it encourages everyone to participate in achieving the most number of cell phones. At the same time, it can help the environment when recycling .panies buy cell phones that were gathered. Here are a few suggestions on how to maximize the potential of this activity: 1.In launching a sell my cell phone program within the organization, check all the possible sources where you can get the items. Aside from the members, you can approach your church or the local agencies. There might also be people in the neighborhood who are willing to donate their old phones. Know how much money you need to have so that you can think of means to make your search better. 2.After identifying the source of the cell phones to be sold, you have to assign drop-off points. Those who are willing to help should know where to leave the items. Among the great drop-off areas are grocery stores, church, schools, and gas stations. Talk to the person responsible in these areas so that a separate labeled box can be positioned. 3.Identify the type of cell phones that you will sell. There are two kinds of phones: one which requires SIM card to be activated while the other one does not. Those phones needing SIM cards are more likely to be sold since there their activation doesnt necessarily rely on cell phone .panies. However, you can still check with the .pany whether they are accepting these phones or not. 4.Know the websites which buy cell phones. You can find several online .panies which are purchasing cell phones to have them recycled or refurbished and put into good use. Read their terms and conditions. When you agree, simply send the items to their address for free, wait for several days. 5.A check of payment is sent to you. The check can be payable to you or the organization. .panies supporting these sell my cell phone programs pay hefty sums for the items. They would even pay up to $125 per phone and that is decent cash. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: