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UnCategorized Chefs are required to know how to make, season and cook a variety of different foods. They are responsible for all the courses from appetizers to deserts including salads and sides. They of course can work in restaurants but also hotels, resorts, hospitals and various other settings. The main two duties of a chef is to create recipes and prepare meals. Chefs mix, measure, and prepare meals based on recipes they have made or the establishment they work for has provided. As a chef you will need to know how to use a variety of instruments including cutlery, broilers, ovens, grills, slicers, blenders and grinders. If you move up in ranks and are able to be.e a head chef you will also be required to manage the other kitchen workers as well as keep food stock and order additional materials. Head cooks, also known as executive chefs keep the kitchen .anized and direct the staff during serving time. They are responsible for decided the size of portions, menu planning, supplies ordering and supervising all aspects of the kitchen’s operation. The quality of food and its final presentation are ultimately the head chefs responsibility. While most people think that a chef and a cook are the same thing, in reality they just reflect the type of chef. For example, executive chefs are responsible for merely everything regarding the food operations as well as sometimes supervising several kitchens of a hotel, restaurant group, or corporate dining operation. A chef de cuisine is over all operations of a single kitchen and reports to an executive chef. A sous chef, also called a sub chef, is just under the chef in ranking and will run the kitchen when he/she is gone. Usually, chefs have further training and higher skills than cooks. Several chefs achieve a well-known name for themselves and their kitchens through the good quality and unique nature of their food. Larger establishments will have more diverse menus and bigger kitchen staffs. They will have multiple chefs or line cooks. Each chef will have a certain course they are responsible for and an area they work in. These areas will contain all the different food items and equipment that is required to prepare their portion of the menu. The title these chefs have often goes along with what it is they due, such as a grill cook or fry cook. The responsibilities of cooks are going to vary depending on many different elements like what type and size of establishment they work for. Such as cooks in cafeteria settings work in the kitchens of institutions, schools, businesses and hospitals. These cooks are required to produce mass quantities of food with a very limited menu and options. On the other end of the cooking spectrum are restaurant cooks who cook multiple dishes for separate orders, all at once. Quick service and prep time are their ultimate goal. Cooks at higher end restaurants are given more time to get their meals just right but are under a great deal of more pressure and face stiffer consequences when errors do occur. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: