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Chengdu Marriott, darling: Shu wind Yayun, luxury by heart – Sohu of Chengdu tourism the best location for its Chengdu Maoye JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong is located in the Chengdu Central Business District, adjacent to the Chengdu heartland — Tianfu square. Metro line one or two at this intersection, the window can be overlooking Chengdu’s new magic landmark building — Sichuan Province Library and museum. Next is the Kuan Alley and Zhai Alley and the people’s Park, going to the Pacific and IFS walk and then can go to eat to eat. In the area can be described as unique. The ball up sculpture of Chengdu Maoye JW Marriott Hotel Hong Kong into the hotel lobby, meaning the Chinese culture of "harmony", "perfect", "a core value". The hotel interior design designed by the famous American company HBA surgeon. From first to last said goodbye to superficial grandiose decoration. The hotel main colors to retain only the basic minimalist white, pale champagne and tough ash, used natural building materials, wood, metal, such as silver hibiscus, as much as possible to present material knowledge and respect. Silver technology is applied throughout the design of theme hotel, is one of the characteristics of Chengdu City Han traditional gold and silver crafts, selected for the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Is in high purity silver as raw materials, unique style, exquisitely carved, magnificent, Art beats nature. texture and rigorous design and composition, make every piece of works are elegant honeysuckle silk luster, charming, out of the ordinary, with strong ethnic characteristics and unique style. The design of the front desk is very simple, there is a special member area on the 8 floor lobby. Super deluxe room Hotel De La Place has 298 rooms, the unique charm of the 47 elegant style suites and 1 elegant executive lounge, guest room area is 42~268, spacious and comfortable?. You can experience the luxury here at your fingertips. From the interior design have great originality, to elaborate collocation of handicraft and every decoration, are filled with elegant and fashionable style hotel. The full sense of style with delicate and rich color and indoor temperature, a leather wrapped bedside wall paint, texture of furniture facade, it is enough to sleep to moderate hardness don’t want to get up the jinke’er custom JW bed, flick Downia duvet and feather pillow etc……. Provide tangible luxuries for each guest. The hotel is equipped with full sense of science and technology full sense of science and technology of intelligent equipment: JBL Horizon Bluetooth radio speaker KRUPS capsule coffee machine, bed scene lighting and curtains touch system, USB charging socket… Beauty… Love this super stack Jun mercerized suede bathrobes and slippers, wearing feel very comfortable, there are two men and women bathrobe. If your room is on the Tianfu Square, standing in the huge French window, overlooking the front of this bustling city, edifice, heavy traffic, and you can be here enjoys a peaceful and luxurious, this experience only can give you the JW marriott. Room semi open bathroom area is JW Marriott features, on the side of the oval bathtub.相关的主题文章: