Chengdu seventy elderly 3 months off thousands of windmills charity help poor students (video) 7470d

Chengdu seventy elderly 3 months off thousands of poor students "charity donation windmill windmill grandpa sitting in a wheelchair, holding a windmill to produce their own. In October 29th, autumn in Chengdu, a rare sunshine. Chengdu province stadium subway station, many people took the windmill, with the wind blowing in the sun to stop. These exquisite handmade windmill, from a seven year old hand. The old man named Hu Yuangen, is a popular network of windmill grandpa". Once people help him, determined to repay the society. Lying in his bed for 3 months, making one thousand windmills, help down in this volunteer sale, and the sale of all income, all donated to the poor students. In this regard, Hu said the old man, to gratitude, age has been high, only in this way, "until I leave the world, it may stop the sale of the windmill." The old windmill in popular crafts people love "panic buying" 29 on the morning of 11 pm, the provincial stadium subway station, the streets of the windmill scene: many people holding a windmill, walking in the high streets and back lanes, very conspicuous. Some people even photographed this scene, hair in their circle of friends, attracted a lot of curious onlookers. Subsequently, the reporter came here, just to meet a young girl, is holding a windmill in the sale, each as long as 10 yuan, are ‘windmill Grandpa’ produced." Following the guidance of the girls, the reporter in the vicinity of the subway station on a square, found the mouth of the windmill grandpa – Hu Yuangen. At this time, he sat in a wheelchair, holding a windmill to produce their own, grinning. "It took three months to make the one thousand windmills." 76 year old Hu Yuangen said, he did not expect that there will be so many people to buy a windmill, windmill is very old stuff, and see so many people support, I am really happy." Hu Yuangen said, although the lower body paralyzed, but over the past three months, every day he will take the time to break the small car, "is to try to sell the contributions of poor students, the windmill will donate all the money." About who harvest love to help now want to repay society "home in Suining (micro-blog) Daying County Hu Yuangen said, this is the craft of self folding windmill," a lifetime experience a lot of life in order to learn a lot of skills, this is just one of them." 2009, the first came to Chengdu, he will earn income by folding windmill, and later his story by the media attention. He was suffering from a heart disease, there are many Chengdu good people to help him, finally in Chengdu Hongxing geriatric hospital settled down, "was a stubborn not to go, but now has lived there for seven years." Surrounded by love, Hu Yuangen body gradually restored, and later found a family, but still willing to live here." He said, get social help, I should try to give back to society." After that, he started to do his own work again. He learned from the newspaper that many poor students of the school story, "students are the pillars of the motherland, I would like to help some children." "His legs inconvenient, often lying in bed doing the windmill." Volunteer Huang said, sometimes is to find someone to help sell, sometimes the weather is fine this weekend, he will go to the heart of a wheelchair相关的主题文章: