China has the lowest population of only 32 people to guard the land into a part of life mcncc

China least populous Township only 32 men to guard the land and become a part of life of Biyu township is located in the Himalaya mountains south of the border line, and is the least populated township administrative China. Lhasa travel 400 km from south to Lhunze County of Shannan City, 200 kilometers from the town to the village and the muddy mountain road. (picture from Yu Mai Xiang area area of 1976 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of a village, a total of 9 residents of 32 people. (picture from Tibet Daily reported that in October 12th, Lhunze County of Tibet Autonomous Region Party Secretary Wu Yingjie depth, city will promote the development and stability of the border areas, people of all nationalities to improve production and living conditions, strengthen grass-roots party building, precise poverty alleviation work investigation. Pictured is Wu Yingjie in October 12th to visit Xiang Biyu Lhunze county public security border officers. (picture from Tibet daily) Wu Yingjie came into the Biyu Lhunze County Township, the villagers home and folks chatted. Wu Yingjie said: "your motherland border guards, to ensure that this piece of land of our great motherland is not being eaten away, don’t be split off. Salute to you." For the flag raising ceremony Xiang biyu. (picture from according to China News Agency reporter visits, although Yu Mai but not imagine with much land and few people, the poor and backward. Xiang Biyu for a long time only a family. Later, the Tibet Autonomous Region Party committee, the government sent the cadres and doctors, the new road, built power stations and hospitals, here became more and more popular. In 2015, the village of farmers and herdsmen per capita disposable income reached 26000 yuan. As a shop owner Xiang biyu. (from the Xinhua News Agency) "to stay here is to protect our homeland." Because of the special geographical position, each people have a strong sense of the border, to guard homeland as a part of their lives. Pictured soldiers Biyu and local police station of public security border defense defense team patrol in the area. (picture from (Chinese comprehensive Tibet network Guo Shuang editor: Qu Kun SN117)相关的主题文章: