China’s mobile payment economic circle expanded to Japan zhuxianduowan

China "mobile phone payment economic circle expanded to Japan and the United States stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 31, Nikkei news Beijing Chinese network reported that the electronic settlement services using intelligent mobile phone payment Chinese is expanding rapidly, but also to the Japanese companies bring new business opportunities. 2016 China mobile payment market size increased by more than 30% over the previous year, up to $12 trillion and 500 billion. Has reached the world’s largest China "mobile phone payment economic circle with the increase of tourists to visit Japan also expanded to japan. This convenient way to pay even smaller shops can easily use, such as the popularity in Japan, or will promote the diversification of mobile payment in japan. China’s mobile payment method is to open the APP to allow businesses to sweep the two-dimensional code on the phone, or consumers with a mobile phone to sweep the family business to prepare the two-dimensional code, the amount of input, you can pay. In Japan, there are watermelon card (Suica) and other payment methods, but the need for specialized identification equipment, in contrast to the low cost of payment methods in China to facilitate the use of small shops and individuals. In Chinese, credit card utilization rate is low, directly from a bank account debit debit card payment is more popular. Recently, the mobile phone payment because of its convenience, high security, simple and other characteristics of the store is rapidly expanding. In Japan, the largest market size of the non cash payment card. According to the survey, up to Chinese consulting statistics, in 2015 the use of intelligent mobile phone and other mobile terminal payment settlement market reached 9 trillion and 300 billion yuan, is expected in 2017 will be further increased to 15 trillion yuan. The settlement amount of mobile payment company SQUARE2015 year of about 239 billion yuan, although not by the amount of a simple comparison, but it Chinese huge market size. Among them, the Alibaba Alipay accounted for 72% of the market share, followed by WeChat to pay the Tencent. Recently, due to the use of mobile phones to pay for the Chinese people to Japan, the two companies began to promote the use of the store in japan. Tencent plans to increase the number of cooperative stores to 1 in 2016. Japanese companies hope that not only in the visit to Japan, I hope to allow visitors to return to Japan can also become a frequent visitor". In Japan, after the use of mobile phones to pay for the return of the Chinese people, Japanese companies can push new products and discount information through the network, customers can directly online shopping products. This can be said to be more convenient than the current mainstream UnionPay card payment services. Japanese companies are also in action. Takashima Ya of Japan (Tokyo bridge shop all of central Shinjuku (Tokyo) and Shibuya District) and other large shopping malls have to pay to use Alipay and WeChat. Although the sales price is declining, but the High Island House believes that the number of customers will grow in the future, hoping to attract customers by enhancing convenience. At the same time, Rosen introduced the Alipay store at Haneda Airport and other 9 stores. 7-11 also began to try to introduce dozens of stores in Tokyo. The whole family (Family Mart) also decided to introduce Alipay stores in 4. In the future, Japan’s mobile payment 8相关的主题文章: