Chongming into a wild bird sanctuary more than 20 illegal hunting will be

Chongming into a wild bird sanctuary more than 20 illegal hunting will be set for the sanctuary, Chongming Town North Fort village are fitted with a woven nylon line protection net, morning news reporter Zhu Yingying according to the announcement, more than 20 illegal hunting – there will be a criminal shorthanded, forensics difficult problems such as morning bird protection trainee reporter Zhang Li as the temperature drops, the migration of the birds start again. Chongming has become a transit point for migratory birds, but Chongming frequent a clapnet let this station is no longer beautiful. Birds in the shape of the fear of the Internet from the bottom of my heart." Zhu Weijia has been keeping a fresh memory of the bird. In order to let the life have survival interests, 21 days, Chongming announced that Chongming will become a sanctuary. It is worth noting that this setting does not solve the Chongming bird serious problem fundamentally, not enough manpower, weak law enforcement, forensics difficult problem still exists, the protection of birds, is still a long way to go. The Internet may not be able to survive and save the past bird like Zhu Weijia and colleagues will only be tightly hung carefully removed in the online bird eagle owl, he already can not remember this is the bird to save the clapnet like only know these fine black nylon woven is the subtle knife, quietly over a fresh life, and he and his team may be the last straw. For Zhu Weijia, the collective memory of the eagle owl save the most profound. When discovering the eagle owl, the little guy has been unable to move, because under normal circumstances, once the bird met clapnet, die for 1 to 2 hours." Zhu Weijia said, was clapnet off the birds without food and water, plus the net result because of struggling, some were injured, some were strangled. A pedestrian will Eagle Owl removed from the Internet, with a pair of scissors carefully put around the birds on the body of the nylon line to unlock. Eagle Owl small head drooping, if not can hear clear breathing, almost can not find a trace of vital signs. Volunteer for it immediately add water, preliminary relief work, a few slobber, eagle owl finally opened his eyes, breathing slowly becomes large. "We really thought we were getting better." Zhu Weijia recalled the tone also with some of the excitement can not restrain, I did not expect it suddenly began to gasp for breath, just out of breath." Soon, the black eye pupil enlarged, lax, "it would die soon, if you see this scene, really shocked." A bird caught directly live plucking for many Fowler, set up a network to "wait" is the most common bird, but a little understanding of some bird life bird people will be "smart" many. Zhu Weijia told reporters that he had met a fowler, Fowler is the way to use this kind of bird to attract another bird, let them. The relationship between that and the Shrike Wagtail bird, the bird catcher set up two nets around himself, sewed together with string shrike eyelids, "because the Shrike once met the dark will be quiet,.相关的主题文章: