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Chongqing started the first cultural innovation contest – Beijing, Beijing, Chongqing, October 25, (Zhong Yi) to "enjoy the mountain? Officially launched the disabled dream" as the theme of the first Chongqing cultural innovation contest 25, the event aims to guide all sectors of society to support the innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate innovation and entrepreneurial enthusiasm of the disabled the disabled, disabled, where social social individuals or teams (enterprises) can apply for entry. "This competition does not have geographical restrictions, we welcome people from all over the country to participate in entrepreneurship." Chongqing City Federation of Party members, vice chairman Zhang Qingli, the contest participants will be divided into disabled class two groups and self-improvement. Self refers to the intention or have been engaged in cultural and creative industry related projects (or disabled groups, enterprises), participants must hold the second generation of "People’s Republic of China disabled card", does not have the capacity for civil conduct can be disabled by the legal guardian on behalf of the. The disabled, refers to the intention or effectively promote the employment of disabled persons in the project organization or enterprise has been established. Participants can register before November 20, 2016 in Chongqing CDPF official website, after screening and the semi-finals, the final was held in December 3rd. It is understood that if the final award in October 1, 2017 in the city of Chongqing registered enterprises and achieved certain economic benefits, can apply for a maximum subsidy of 100 thousand yuan venture to the local authorities. "The level of education and education for the disabled is relatively low, and the way to receive training and education is relatively narrow, resulting in their work is rough, artistic is not strong." Zhang Qingli said that the current Chongqing disabled groups of art to show the form of weaving, calligraphy, painting, and so on, not many creative products. Therefore, in view of the particularity of the disabled, the contest set up 6 oriented categories, namely, arts and crafts, handmade class, design and service category, advertising media, animation, digital and other categories. "The biggest difficulty for disabled people to start a business is to get out of it. We hope that through the game to increase the support of the disabled humanities and creative industries to improve their living conditions, while enriching their spiritual world." Zhang Qingli said, competition will invite professional instructors for entrepreneurship training for participants, Chongqing City CDPF will take this as an opportunity to create a good atmosphere for the disabled to support the disabled social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, optimize the local entrepreneurial environment to help the disabled, disabled groups to realize their dreams.相关的主题文章: