Constellation sincere words I do Scorpio three he was sick (Figure) haywire

Sign the truth: three I do Scorpio he was scolded nausea (Figure) I do your mistress, but he lied to all, Scorpio let me marry a good man, I go blind, Scorpio, he called me and said I was so sick, but, hey, I am also cheap…… Sina constellation aeriality 520 love friends said to me the three Sina constellation Scorpio Scorpio is being scolded nausea and I love people, but he is a family man, I have third long, a few days before the family arranged a blind date, that is July 7th meeting, I should answer. That day I and I said no. 26 Scorpio send a message to her, asked for his thoughts, actually I want to listen to him will not stop me, will give me hope, will not let me go, I will not let him, he said to me, "look at my own". He gave me hope, let me wait for him for five years, he will marry me. But one day he said to me, he stressed, he was afraid to do, he looked at me very painful, he told me to find a better man to marry, we can still be together, he said not to me to others, I heard his words that day, I found this man don’t love me as usual, he took me as something to others, I asked him, "don’t you love me, if you want to leave me, so say so, before I went to others", he said, "no, I love you very much, even more than before. So, now you see, I feel bad, I am afraid I can not give you what". I really hate him, he had me from others away, I have to go out and find another man to free himself now, he is selfish, when I want to leave, he said to me he will divorce, let me wait for him, because of his words, I to give up a good man to me, I’m sorry for him, really, but now says he may not leave Scorpio, he stressed, is not what I do, I said to him that I’m not looking for, I cried for him to say that he did not talk much, just said. "Do not say, today when I did not say, just remember I love you better than before, although he did not say, but in my heart there will always be a shadow, occasionally think of him, so I decided to take this opportunity to go blind. For the blind date he asked it in detail, finally said it would go to see it, I asked him, you will be happy if I got married, he said, "certainly not happy, sad, but fair to you", I said, "fair? Even if I get married, it is not fair, because that’s not what I want marriage, he said he knew, I said, "you have to remember that because of you I will to accept a loveless marriage, so you could never do so unfair to me, unless you are with me." he did not return messages. Until last night, he sent a message saying, "still blind date?" And I said, "yes," he said, "you are just so so," I said, "what do you mean," he said, "that you are very special, I love you, good love, wish you happy, and I had him more than two years of feelings, because this blind and burst, I call him, he hung up,.相关的主题文章: