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Cool the youth on the road, the cool brand has been done on these 4 things – the Sohu of science and technology there is no doubt that the vanguard of cool1 dual mobile phone has become the music as ecological + cool "two years of 100 million sales plan". After creating tens of thousands of booking volume, but also reached the first 1 million 500 thousand online sales record. After Jia Yueting took the cool, so that people once again experienced such a mobile phone industry veteran Liu Jiangfeng senior energy. Cool young strategy to bear fruit, it reminds me of Ang Lee in the movie Youth Camp, cool the next youth development may also be a fantastic way, have the opportunity and challenge, but at least the cool brand has 4 things to do. No.1: really really kind of cool1 dual dual camera, mobile phone has a unique selling point is more ecological really cool1 dual ecological sincerity screen of the mobile phone uses 5.5 inches 1080p screen, with 13 million pixels dual camera, color and black-and-white camera and 8 million pixel front camera. The industry once questioned some manufacturers product double photo is true, even the Beijing time September 8th morning before Apple released 7 Plus dual camera is only 12 million pixels, while the cool1 dual mobile phone do double ecological perturbation, double lens and SONY 6P sensor, precise control of a beam of light, the external light can adjust more light a better angle in the photosensitive sensor, picture quality and aesthetic improvement of mobile phone camera. Cool1 dual mobile phone uses two pixels of the camera, one of the processing of color, and the other to deal with black and white, referred to as the black color 13 million. Double camera program and now on the market in addition to a main photo of the red rice Pro with double main camera with a 13 million pixel and a 5 million pixel camera depth of field components, referred to as the depth of double camera. It is because of the difference between the two, true and false double camera argument has become the focus of hot debate netizens. But the actual photo effects, cool1 dual mobile phone is indeed better ecological. Moreover, the 4GB RAM+32GB ROM version cool1 dual ecological mobile phone only 1099, 4+64 version of the price is only 1699, while using a domestic mobile phone has the same configuration to sell 2499, in contrast, cool1 dual ecological mobile phone low price close to 1000 yuan, which also shows the cool brand really honest and sincere. No.2: character cool1 dual mobile phone star endorsement character, become the character of youth fans officially released in the cool1 dual ecological mobile phone before, except LETV founder CEO Jia Yueting, LETV co-founder Liu Hong, 90 entrepreneurs President Yu Jiawen, Wang Feng in the field of video, Huachen Yu and Zhou Bichang have photographed, as the character of youth platform. These people have a common characteristic: a character. Cool1 ecological mobile phone conference site, invited from the younger brother of Mars brilliance Yu, and in the press conference to sing the song "alien", at the same time, he is also the first.相关的主题文章: