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Couples in the eyes found the snake woke up bed two auxiliary police auxiliary police killed the snake captured the door into the. "Ah…… There is a snake!" Yesterday morning 8 am, Mr. Liu was sleeping wife screamed and woke up, I saw a treaty 1 meters long brown white snake appeared at the bedside…… Terrified, he hurried to the police, community police room two auxiliary police officers rushed to the scene after the snake killed discarded. The map, Guangzhou Daily reporter Lin Yimin yesterday, the reporter arrived at the Baiyun District Department of overseas Chinese town south of two street parties, Mr. Liu recalled the events of the morning a thrilling scene, still haunt. He said, 8 pm, in his sleep by his wife screamed up — "ah, there is a snake!" The sleepy eyes dim, Mr. Liu saw a treaty 1 meters long, thick rope snake was curled up on the floor under the bed. "I was shocked, straight back." Confound the Mr. Liu rushed from home to find a section of pipe, who knows the snake suddenly disappeared, Mr. Liu rushed immediately to the police. Department of overseas Chinese community police room two auxiliary police rushed to the Liu family, "carpet search" in the bedroom every corner, found a snake in the corner after the safe. According to the auxiliary alarm recalled, when the snake curled and tongue. Mr. Zhong said that in desperation, wanting to protect the owners worry, he borrowed from the iron tenants Liu hands, hit the snake’s head, "the snake began very fierce, tried to bite the pipe, then tired, on the verge of death." Subsequently, Mr. bell with households tongs clamped to the snake’s head into a bag, thrown into the trash. "After all is in a residential area, I worry about snake bite people, I dare not directly released." Mr. Zhong said. Experts: in case of a snake find someone to handle this snake is how come?" This happened at the scene, Mr. Liu remain perplexed despite much thought. The reporter sees in his residential area, area residents have many empty places downstairs, and live in residential buildings from the grass and trees have a certain distance. In addition, there are a variety of restaurants downstairs, but are mainly of food, the reporter walked around and found no snakes eat in restaurants. Mr. Liu said, the day before sleeping in the evening he had closed the door of the bedroom, the bedroom is also equipped with a single window screen, screen window yesterday wake up early in the morning and did not find any signs of breakage, Mr. Liu and his wife speculated that the snake may be climb from the balcony, when they entered the bedroom and sneaked in the. The reporter will shoot the pictures to catch a snake in Southern China endangered animal research institute of snake expert Zhang Liang, he said after identification, the snake Ptyas larva, alias Ptyas, and non-toxic. He suggested that the snake attack is not strong, not artificial as a potential injury, people do not take the initiative to the snake, because can not determine the snake species, cannot determine whether the protection of animal. If the public found a snake in the home, can be held in the room, call the Guangzhou wild animal protection office telephone (83767695), or call 110 after the transfer of forest public security, to handle by hand. (clues: a miss &nb3 夫妻家中睡醒睁眼发现床边有蛇 两辅警上门打死 辅警将蛇抓获后放入米袋。   “啊……有蛇!”昨日上午8时许,睡梦中的刘先生被妻子的尖叫声吓醒,只见一条约1米长的褐底白花的蛇出现在床边……   惊恐之余,他急忙报警,小区警务室的两名辅警赶到现场将蛇打死后丢弃。   文、图 广州日报记者林亦旻   昨日,记者来到位于白云区的汇侨新城南二街,当事人刘先生回忆起早上发生的惊险一幕,仍然心有余悸。   他说,早上8时许,自己在睡梦中被妻子的尖叫声吓醒——“啊,有蛇!”睡眼蒙眬中,刘先生只见一条约1米长、麻绳粗的蛇正蜷缩在床下的地板上。   “我当时也吓了一跳,直往后退。”惊慌失措的刘先生赶紧从家里找来一节铁管,谁知道蛇转眼就消失不见了,刘先生见状,立即报警。   汇侨社区警务室的两位辅警接警后迅速赶到刘先生家中,在卧室各个角落进行“地毯式搜索”,最终在墙角保险柜后发现了蛇。   据辅警钟先生回忆,当时这条蛇盘成一团,吐着舌头。钟先生说,当时情急之下,想着保护业主要紧,他从住户刘先生手里借来铁管,击打蛇的头部,“蛇一开始很凶猛,试图用力咬住铁管,后来体力不支,就奄奄一息了。”   随后,钟先生用住户家中的钳子钳住蛇的头部,放到一个米袋中,丢入垃圾桶。“毕竟是在居民区,我担心蛇咬伤居民,我不敢直接放生。”钟先生说。   专家:家中遇蛇找专人处理   “这蛇是怎么来的?”发生了这样惊魂的一幕,刘先生百思不得其解。记者在他所住的居民小区看到,小区的居民楼很多,楼下有空旷的活动场所,而所居住的居民楼距离草丛和树荫都有一定距离。此外,小区楼下有各种食肆,但都是以小吃为主,记者走了一圈并没有发现吃蛇的食肆。   刘先生回忆说,前日晚上睡觉前他已经关好了卧室门,卧室唯一的窗户也装有纱窗,昨日一早醒来纱窗也没有发现任何破损的痕迹,刘先生与妻子推测,蛇可能是从阳台爬进来后,趁他们进入卧室时偷溜进来的。   记者将拍摄的抓蛇图片发给华南濒危动物研究所蛇类专家张亮,他经过辨认后说,该蛇是水律蛇幼体,别名滑鼠蛇,并无毒性。他建议,在蛇攻击性不强、不对人造成潜在伤害的情况下,市民不要主动打蛇,因为无法判断蛇的品种,无法确定其是否保护动物。   如果市民在家中发现蛇,可以将其关在房间,拨打广州野生动物保护办电话(83767695),或是拨打110后转森林公安,由专人来处理。   (线索提供:某小姐 奖金:100元) 责任编辑: GDN003相关的主题文章: