Crooks posing as public security telephone fraud a Fuzhou woman cheated one million yuan

Crooks posing as public security telephone fraud cheated one million yuan in Fuzhou Ms. Strait news network November 5th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Jiang Fangfang (micro-blog)) posing as public security fraud is not new, recently, such cases occur frequently and unexpectedly. Yesterday, Fuzhou police reminded this year, Fuzhou, a woman cheated more than 100 yuan. Currently, Fuzhou police have been involved in the investigation. In October 25th this year, 16 am, Fuzhou Ms. Cong at home from a telecom phone company staff, lied to their telephone arrears to check. After posing as a police man involved in the verification, lured Ms. Cong to the hotel to open the room, and use the hotel to log on to the designated website to see the wanted". Followed by posing as the attorney general and the judge took turns to call the police, Ms. Cong on suspicion of a crime, asked him to cooperate with the police investigation. Ms. Cong posing as police for gospel truth, man’s instructions, to the bank to open a savings card as "security accounts", and all the money in their own name to the card, and debit card information and mobile phone verification code to inform each other. From October 27th to November 2nd, the card have been transferred out of cash of more than one million yuan. Ms. Cong realized that cheated, then reported to the police in Fuzhou. Fuzhou police, posing as public security phone scams generally has three steps: the first step: defrauding victims trust fraudsters out victims of personal information through accurate report, such as ID number, occupation, address and other private information, and through the network number changing software, the future electric display number changed to public security units office phone, to get the victim of trust. The second step: deterrence and intimidation fraudsters suspected of money laundering, parcels possession, credit card overdraft and other crimes, threatened the victim usually to the victim, and the victim on the designated website to see false warrant, warrant and other legal documents. At the same time, in order to enhance the effect of intimidation, staff fraud posing as public security organs such as molecular also took turns, so the victim mistakenly thought he was really involved in criminal cases. The third step: the transfer of criminal victim requirements on their own questions, fraudsters will give the victim "return", requiring the victim to their assets into the so-called "security accounts" to defraud victims of money to. Some fraudsters will require the victim alone to the hotel room, and the transfer operation using the hotel computer, to avoid being seen through family and friends to see. Police advise: public security departments handling will not review the funds through the telephone, the so-called security account "is also not set the public security department". Where by telephone, SMS and other requirements of the transfer, remittance operations, are fraud, do not believe, do not transfer. Related news – "double eleven" will be to "seckill" scam "double eleven" once again to the fraud to "seckill" in the name of the Internet to buy back at. Fuzhou police, seckill fraud mainly has the following four forms: one is to make a fake website on behalf of the regular company or organization, issued a large number of low-priced goods "seckill" advertising, through the victim lied "seckill success of goods and other information, let the victim play money to the designated account, cheat. Two is to produce a large number of similar sites with a similar spike fishing;相关的主题文章: