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Crude oil trading success of the six skills, how to adjust the mentality of the Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! I have experienced countless, countless countless failures, helpless, countless record after enough that I have to talk about the market fluctuations in the market here, not a word can be stated through years, it is not a failure can deny. Every man who has a strong heart from the inside out, is worthy of respect. Market fluctuations will to a market can make a great man and a world-class rich, can also mean to you can’t easily earn 10 fen; the same industry, the same opportunities, some achieve feats fame and fortune, and some people go bankrupt after All thoughts are blasted. leave, just never came to the same. Believe that the need for time precipitation, eternal, I need you to cherish to continue. Growth is the mentality, ability, the common improvement of the realm, rather than just the profit of the account, and cooperation, is just the beginning, not just the interests of mutual involvement, but a long time after the close friend. If you hesitate to doubt, I will never be forced; and if you sincerely progress, I will hand in hand. Add Yifeng gold WeChat jinyifeng888, you need me in. Do investment, if you do not have a good state of mind, it is difficult to make money! We have to do a single moment to maintain a stable state of mind, decisive simply! The out, leaving the! I won’t call you, God, I can let you experience the end strength to cooperate or taste the sweetness, never afraid of you easy verification, whether you come or not, our strength here! A lot of people think of investing as a gamble, and they feel that they make money by luck. Spot crude oil investment is also a kind of gambling? Investment is a cause, if you always want to get rich overnight, that is gambling, the most important oil investment mentality. Spot crude oil investment profits, competition is not on the size of the funds, the level of technology, the most important thing is calm state of mind. Technology is good, not a failure to hit you. 500 thousand to 1 million profit 50[%] can reach, this 50[%] need much effort to be completed. Technology is the survival of the delegate to fish as delegate to fish, a small broad is the real charm of investment, grasp the profit is the fundamental financial holding! Investors must keep calm and clear headed state in the transaction, to calmly analyze and deal with the crude oil market volatility will be more rational for crude oil trading operations. Crude oil trading market changes, so it is very important to do a good deal of crude oil trading. The gold Yifeng and share some mentality. The details of the consultation Yifeng gold WeChat: jinyifeng888 first, establish a sound and flexible style of trading if the trading style is inclined to the mode of investment, do spot crude oil trading focused on the choice of guarantee steady investors security, in the face of crude oil price changes occur, it is not easy to fear. Second, the operation of the previous theory相关的主题文章: