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Sports-and-Recreation The Dallas Mavericks .monly referred to as the Mavs is a professional basketball team of the National Basketball Association that is located in Dallas, Texas. The owner of the team is Mark Cuban whereas the duties of president and CEO are fulfilled by Terdema Ussery. The Mavericks is amongst the seven teams that are located in the Midwest Division of the West Conference of NBA. They play in Dallas wearing blue, white and green colored uniforms. Forbes Magazine has titled it as the third most costly basketball team in the US. It is estimated to be dollars 463 million. Since its establishment in 1980 it has bagged two division titles and a conference championship. Its establishment took place after NBAs grant of an expansion team to a real estate developer. During their initial seven years they made intelligent draft picks and acquired several talented players. And it was not long before they dominated the Western Conference and proved tough opponents for the Los Angeles Lakers in the Conference Finals. Though they provided a good match but eventually lost to the Lakers who became the champions second time in a row. In the ni.ies several changes were made to the team that proved to be beneficial for them in the later years. Don Nelson and Michael Finley were hired as the general manager and the coach respectively. Talented players like Dirk Nowitzki and Steve Nash were also added to the team in the late 80s. They made a playoff appearance in 2001 which was their first in almost eleven years. They got the eighth pick in the NBA Draft that took place in 1985 owing to a trade with the Cavaliers. They utilized this draft pick to acquire the German player Detlef Schrempf who played exceptionally well all through his stay with the team which amounted to a little more than three seasons. He performed even better when he was traded to the Indiana Pacers. Kurt Nimphius was traded for James Donaldson who played for the Mavericks till the 1991-92 seasons. This helped build a strong centre which was absent since the past five years. In 1988 the first ever All-Star center featured Donaldson. Pre 2004-05 season, the team was again subjected to several changes some of which included the acquisition of Jerry Stackhouse who was the overall number 5 draft pick. Their coach since 2005, Avery Johnson concentrated on the defense of the team instead of the offense. New talented players namely Josh Howard and Devin Harris were added in the team. The team marked its 25th season with successes. It posted a finishing record of 58-24 which is the second best record in the history of the franchise. Further they made Playoff appearance which was their fifth consecutive appearance and 11th ever. They tied the record for the longest streak of straight playoff appearances in the franchise history. They have the best record overall in the Western Conference and trailed behind only the Detroit Pistons for the best record in the NBA as of 2006. For more information you can visit: Dallas Mavericks Tickets 相关的主题文章: