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Dear baby, what do you eat, or hungry? Sohu maternal photo from the network said that "a son, a son, just after the full moon mother Kobayashi is a face of distress for their baby. She said that the yard all distractions, what tense relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law ah, the subtle relationship between husband and wife ah, the yard of the taboo too much, than the one thing that can be ignored. What exactly is it? Baby rations! Yes, for the novice mother, what is more important than the healthy growth of the baby? Kobayashi is adhering to the breastfeeding, milk is filling, which belongs to the side of the breast feeding the baby, the other side has been ticking as the stream. But she always seems to feel the baby did not eat too, every time the sleep time is very short, only one hour, in his sleep often head askew seemed to find something to eat. When you wake up, you just eat a lot and eat it again. It seems that how to eat enough to eat, like the baby’s urine is also particularly much, almost fed milk will pee, stool 1-2 times a day. Look around the baby cocked his head to eat like everyone in the family is not enough to eat baby milk because so hungry, to recommend appropriate subsidies some milk powder to the baby, let Lin more confused in mind. Pictures from the network while the baby can not speak, novice mother also has not been able to express from your baby (mainly crying) that accurately determine the needs of the baby, but for newborn babies every day, eating and sleeping is all his fun, is also the important things in his life in the initial stage. To determine whether the baby to eat well, sleep well, my mother can still get some answers from the objective existence. [] to observe the baby’s mood if the baby does not eat, he used to directly express his dissatisfaction with crying, irritability, and head and looked around zhangkaixiaozui to find the source of milk. On the contrary, when the baby will have a sense of satisfaction, some babies will be facing the mother laugh, or yiyiyaya sound ziyuzile, someone playing with him he was grinning le. Some children will be able to sleep immediately after feeding the milk, and 2 to 3 hours to wake up, wake up will also show the spirit of happiness, these states can be explained that the baby has been full. [] to observe the baby’s size of the baby’s urine and the number of characters also reflect the baby’s hunger and satiety, especially the number of urine is the most direct evidence to determine whether the baby to eat. The first two days after the birth of the baby, should be at least urinate from 1 to 2 times, the fetus will be numerous times, so far. From the beginning of the third day after birth, every 24 hours of urination up to 6 ~ 12 times, Pai Huang Huang will be 1 ~ 2 times. This shows that the baby is basically full, if the frequency of urination or defecation too little, it means not enough to eat. If the baby to eat milk powder stool dry, once a day is also normal. When the milk is insufficient when the baby does not eat, his urinate yellow and less stool constipate, thin, greenish or increased frequency of each discharge quantity is less, this is the baby to eat!相关的主题文章: