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The 1000 day: Shandong | deep restructuring of innovative institutional mechanisms to stimulate research activity _ Sina Shandong _ original title: 1000 days | deep restructuring of Shandong: innovation system and mechanism to stimulate the vitality of scientific research of Qilu news network September 26th (Shandong station reporter Cui Zhonglian Li Long Ji’nan Taiwan) is out of line, long term scientific research development have broken with the actual needs of administrative intervention the government, the irrational investment structure and other ills, from the mechanism innovation of Shandong scientific research system source, stimulate research activity, injecting new momentum for economic development. According to the Shandong news network reported that Ji’nan railway heavy industry Orbital Corporation Technology Department Wang Xuan said: today, we dig the construction of 9 rings, each ring of 1.2 meters, a total of 10.8 meters. Now we shield the construction into a full section of silty clay layer." Shield machine is the world’s most advanced tunneling equipment, in the Ji’nan subway construction site, the shield machine production and construction workers will be held at the docking, directly to the site. Ji’nan railway rail Co., technology minister Xu Jingwei said: "the shield machine products is a highly customized heavy equipment, we will research the sooner to the construction site." Ji’nan railway line R1 Yu Wang during area manager Xu Lianzhu said: "the need to update the equipment improvement, immediately can solve, doing is more handy." A year ago, Ji’nan shield machine production is still a blank. When the about 170000000000 yuan of Ji’nan urban rail construction plan approved, the government led, a compact type of scientific research, production and construction of the rapid formation of the commonwealth. Driven by the development of science and technology projects, forced research and development of science and technology, breaking the past by the scientific research to the fixed mode of production. Ji’nan railway rail Co., technology minister Xu Jingwei said: "we are using the technology of cooperation, is also a joint-stock cooperative mode into shares, to achieve a good convergence of market and technology." Currently in Shandong, around the implementation of independent innovation of enterprise production projects reached more than 90%, more than 65% of large and medium-sized enterprises to establish R & D institutions, scientific research and production of two skin problems have been effectively resolved. This new research organization structure, high efficiency. Ji’nan shield machine from the project to scientific research, and then put into production, with less than a year, creating a miracle of the same industry efficiency. Xu Jingwei, Minister of technology, Ji’nan heavy rail Co., Ltd., said: R1 line, we have four devices in the state of tunneling." Based on improving the efficiency and vitality of Shandong, in the field of scientific research system and mechanism innovation: make snap to the chief, the reform of the distribution system, change the evaluation mechanism, build scientific and rational allocation of inclusive support platform of resources. A series of reform initiatives, so that the first line of scientific and technological personnel. Shandong biological medicine, pharmaceutical industry, medical equipment research institute with three built in Shandong Province Pharmaceutical Institute, is the first batch of Shandong to the administration of scientific research institutions. Relatively flexible organizational structure, giving them greater autonomy, the income of a substantial tilt to front-line researchers, royalty ratio increased from 30% to 45%, the incentive fee for more than a year on more than 500 million. Medicine in Shandong province.相关的主题文章: