Department of human resources and social more than 100 million retirees to adjust the basic pension jodie foster

Department: adjust the basic pensions of retirees more than 100 million people to improve the treatment of Beijing – Beijing in October 25, the Ministry of human resources today morning news conference, informed the third quarter of 2016 in social work. Li Zhong, spokesman for the Ministry of human resources and social, said the country’s more than 100 million enterprises and institutions and institutions retirees treatment has been improved in some areas to improve the basic old-age pension standards for urban and rural residents. Li Zhong introduced the progress of social security work: first, social insurance coverage continues to expand. Accelerate the implementation of national insurance registration pilot program at the end of September, the national basic pension, basic medical care, unemployment, work injury and maternity insurance number were 871 million people, 698 million people, 178 million people, 216 million people, 182 million people, respectively over the previous year increased by 12 million 250 thousand people, 32 million 470 thousand people, 5 million 60 thousand people, 1 million 870 thousand people, 3 million 970 thousand people. 1-9 month, five social insurance fund total revenue of 3 trillion and 650 billion yuan, an increase of 10.1%; the total expenditure of 3 trillion and 170 billion yuan, an increase of 12.5%. Two is to further improve the social security system. Implementation of the State Council on the stage to reduce the rate of social insurance arrangements, orderly implementation of the work. Implement the reform of the pension system of the organs and institutions, and do a good job of payment and payment of the insured. Issued on the in-depth study and implement the spirit of the National Conference on health and health notice, held a mobilization video will be deployed. In accordance with the requirements of the State Council, to promote the integration of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance system, there are 20 provinces issued a document related to the integration of the system. Formulation of the basic medical insurance directory adjustment program for the public to seek advice. Accelerate the construction industry to participate in work-related injury insurance work, especially in the construction of new projects insured rate has improved significantly. Cooperate with relevant departments to improve the unemployment insurance regulations. Three is the level of social insurance treatment steadily. Do a good job in 2016 to adjust the basic pensions for retirees, the country’s more than 100 million enterprises and institutions to improve the treatment of retirees. Some areas to improve the basic old-age pension insurance standards for urban and rural residents. Four fund investment and supervision and management to further strengthen. Strengthen pension fund investment operations, the issuance of basic pension insurance fund entrusted investment contracts. To Formulate Interim Measures for the management of occupational pension funds to promote the standardized management and operation of occupational pension funds. Do a good job of social insurance fraud investigation and transfer work, continue to carry out social supervision pilot and fund safety assessment pilot. Five social insurance management services continue to improve. To strengthen the basic medical insurance settlement remote medical provinces directly, start construction project system level development, improve provincial networked remote medical billing system. Strengthen the enterprise "five one" social insurance registration work, simplify the optimization of the social insurance registration business process, make the information matching and tracking management work. At the end of September, the social security card number 939 million. Li Zhong also introduced the next work arrangements. First, improve the social security system. We will continue to promote the implementation of social insurance rates at various stages..相关的主题文章: