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When you want to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible on your trip, take a plane tour because you will cover three-fourths of the entire park that way. You can choose between different types of plane tours. Would a landing tour or an air-only flight be better? You will enjoy either type as they are both amazing. So it all .es down to what you most enjoy doing and how much money you want to spend. Here’s a closer look: Landing Flights To The Grand Canyon Vegas is a popular departure point for landing tours. These are some of your choices. One very popular option is to take an airplane tour that adds on a helicopter descent to the canyon floor. You can even add an optional extension that includes a float trip down the Colorado. You could also choose an air tour that drops you off on top of the rim so you can take a thrilling stroll on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Once you’re out at the farthest point, look down, you’ll be 70 feet out past the edge and 4,000 feet above the bottom! There is a lot more to do on top of the rim and you can take a free shuttle ride wherever you want to go. You can enjoy these notable West Rim highlights: Guano Point Scenic Area Hualapai Ranch The Interesting Cultural Center Eagle Point You don’t have as many options at the South Rim, but a really fun one includes a raft trip along the Colorado River and a Jeep tour of the Slot Canyons at Antelope Canyon. You can take your kids on these tours since they are on smooth water and kids as young as four are allowed. South Rim Trips From Vegas If you are in Vegas, you can still go to the South Rim. The flight from Vegas to the Grand Canyon National Airport in Tusayan, Arizona outside the main gates to the South Rim takes around an hour, and you see a lot of amazing scenery on your flight. One of the tours .es with a 2.5 hour bus tour of the Park. An upgraded version does that too, but adds a half-hour chopper flight for even more excitement. Grand Canyon Air Only Tours You can depart from Las Vegas or Tusayan for an air tour every day of the year. Unlike landing airplane rides, they stay in the air the entire time. When you book an air tour from Vegas, you will pass over these highlights: The immense Hoover Dam Lake Mead Grand Canyon West The mighty Colorado along the floor of the canyon The Grand Canyon Skywalk You’ll see a lot more before turning back and landing in Vegas. The air-only flights to the South Rim take you over the South, North, and East Rims. You will see these amazing sights: Imperial Point, the highest point in the Park Zuni Corridor The widest part of the canyon called the Dragoon Corridor The spectacular Desert Watchtower The Temple of Ra Your flight is 45 minutes full of amazing sights. It’s also one of the best airplane tour bargains in the entire country. The Best Flight Times The best Grand Canyon aerial tours are in the morning. Visibility is at its best then, plus the air is calmer so your ride is less turbulent. These factors are important to take into account during the summer months. Of course, sunset flights are also spectacular! Hopefully, reading this has helped you choose between a Grand Canyon landing tour or an air-only flight. Landing tours are my favorites because I think they give you the best of the Park from the air and from the ground. However, air only plane tours are perfect if you have limited time to spend or don’t want to spend a lot of money. Both types of flights are the experience of a lifetime. By: Jeffersson Zoria – Learning some handy Bolivia Travel Information Facts may make or break your trip. Use the following article to find out about cultural etiquette, food, religion, customs and more useful information while you travel i … By: George Methew – Road accidents being the major reason for death these days, it is very important to be cautious while on the road. 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