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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews Its a well-known verse that the beauty of a soul manifests through their soul & skin. Lets face it everyone wants to have a glowing, soft & supple skin that remains nourished all day long even with absorbing ultraviolet radiations from the sun. This layer of epidermis that runs over our entire flesh & bones endures all the torments, ranging from abrasive cuts to tanned patches, resulting in losing its charming radiance. With several treatments from the cosmetic products & regular visit to the spa parlors, people are trying to rejuvenate the natural glow of their skin. Our skin loses its charm with the continuous depletion of the minerals that are quintessential for its invigorating glow. And hence, most of the beauty cosmetic products that are marketed profoundly worldwide contain trace of certain minerals that are targeted to improve the condition & revive the old charm. Mud therapy in the spa has been proven to be extremely effective in such scenarios. Many curious clients raise questions about the origin of the mud thats being used in the therapy session, to which they must satiate with the knowledge that these mud have origin from Dead Sea, the vast sea that possess magnanimous quantity of mineral salts, including rich concentration of 21 minerals like magnesium, calcium, bromide et cetera which are nowhere to be found in other oceans or seas. Hence the Dead Sea mud is regarded to have miraculous properties of curing the skin diseases & improves hydration of the skin. This fact has been established scientifically after performing several clinical trials. An extensive use of the Dead Sea mud is the chemical processing for manufacturing creams, which are marketed globally under the brand name Dead Sea cream. This product is enriched in multiple minerals, some of which are broadly enumerated as: Calcium Calcium has been proven to rejuvenate skin cells, eliminates the dead cells & cleanses pores, while strengthening the microfibers & cell tissue membranes & enriching the skin with hydrated salts to keep it supple during the hot summer hours. Bromide Acting as an inflammatory .pound it heals disorders & accelerates the process of healing cuts & wounds, especially micro wounds within the epidermis layer & prevents bacterial infection. Iodine It helps in proper secretion of thyroxin & maintains the balance of metabolic activities throughout the system. Magnesium It has anti-allergic properties, which assists in protecting the body from getting affected by allergens & prevents the culmination of fungal diseases & germs on the skin. Dead Sea Creams possess the tantalizing effect of restoring the glamorous beauty of your facial skin by shrinking the wrinkles & cleansing the pores. Applying a facial mask using the mud or the cream proves beneficiary as it deep cleanses & exfoliates the epidermis layer & restore the pH balance of your skin. The cream & mud has been found to be extremely effectual for warding off the hereditary conditions that includes dry, bald patches on head. Applying it would slash down the premature hair loss & encourages hair growth from the stunted keratinous layers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: