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District 3 year old girl died under the wheels of a driver suspected DWY – the new technician is in the entrance area within about ten meters. Grieving family members. The Guangzhou Daily reporter Shen Hui Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Youzi the end of the summer, a less than 4 year old children before school accident happened in. The night before 9 pm, in the Nansha District, from the entrance area of less than 10 meters, had a tragic accident. A 3 year old girl was knocked down by a SUV. The family of the deceased, the vehicle towed girls 3.8 meters before it stopped, after the accident, the owner was unaware, mobile phone display is still in the call, that was on the phone. Currently, the police are still investigating the specific circumstances. The incident: the girl was dragged underneath the bus last night at about 9, Nansha District Garden Villa District occurred in the car at the end of the tragic death of girls. Witnesses Lee introduced at that time, many parents take their children to go out for a walk. She walked on the road in the area, suddenly heard a muffled back, a look back, a white SUV parked in the middle of the road, then heard a man cry cry. Ms. Lee said that at the beginning, we do not know what hit something, I saw the driver off the car around the circle of observation, and then the car will move back a little. Then, a little girl was pulled out from the car, still. "The child four or five years old, when the lights are bright, only to see a lot of blood in the elderly white clothes, she was holding the child has been crying." There is a young woman to take, kept calling, incoherent. The witnesses to provide about 1 hours after the photo shows the scene cordoned off the ground with a pair of small red slippers worn by little girls, there are two stalls the size of the palm of the blood, with two more than one meter long brake marks. There are witnesses said on leaving a child’s hair, is estimated to be over pressure. The child was taken to hospital and confirmed dead. Doubt: when the driver phone call? Yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the accident area entrance area, not far from the fork in the road is the incident. A cleaning staff pointing to the traces on the ground, told reporters that the police arrived at the scene on the mark. In addition, although yesterday morning had been cleaned, but can still see the blood on the ground and tire marks. When a reporter came to the hit girl home, the family atmosphere is heavy. The child’s father Mr. Ou said, daughter Xiaoqi (a pseudonym) will soon be 4 years old, and a few days to read the kindergarten. Said about the incident, Mr. Ou red eyes, "not just knocked down, police said the child dragged 3.8 meters……" When it comes to the horrors of that time, Mr. ou to father. Family members said that before the incident, the child’s grandmother and aunt with a small Qi to walk outside to come back, when it has entered the area, will soon be home, did not expect tragedy. "The child is 1.1 meters tall, the car can not see." The child grandpa Ou Bo said, children are more sensible, the car into the area, will avoid or stop. However, the vehicle comes in from the entrance, ready to turn left to the underground car park, at the intersection.相关的主题文章: