Do not want ugly fall, then come to eat lotus root !

Do not want ugly fall, then come to eat lotus root ""! Intro: "the silt but don’t dye, wash clean and not demon." It is usually used to describe the quality of elegant lotus Gao Jie. In addition to enjoy the lotus, lotus crisp lotus root is below the love of the people. Lotus sweet and crisp, eating or cooking, and a very high medicinal value. So, eat lotus root weight? (source: 39) to eat lotus root weight? For those who are not able to control their appetites but people who want to lose weight, lotus is a kind of very good food. The experts tell us, often eat lotus root can play a very good effect reducing weight, this is mainly because the lotus contained large quantities of crude fiber, so when we take the lotus root, not only can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, but also can discharge the excess body of some toxins and waste, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss. Lotus taste very delicious, so the cooking method is very much, either stir fried or soup is a very good choice, so it is not easy to eat. Diet: a tomato, lotus lotus root lotus 1, raw materials: 1 tomatoes accessories: 2 teaspoons of salt, sugar, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, shallot 5, chicken amount: 1. Peel the lotus root section bubble to prevent oxidation in water; 2. Tomato cut Ding; 3. Heat the pot into a little oil, oil 5 into the heat into the onion, ginger, stir fry, and then into the tomato Ding stir fry; 4. After the soup, add tomato sauce and 1 sugar stir fry; 5. Fried tomato sauce on the side; 6. Heat the pan into the oil 5 into the heat, add onion ginger; 7. Stir fry into Oupian; 8. Oupian fast cooked into a good fried tomato sauce and stir fry, add a little salt and chicken. (tomato with sweet and sour lotus crisp, very appetizing!) Two, egg lotus cake 1. Lotus washed peeled. With a wire brush for the coupled rub into filaments. 2. The onion or chopped coriander, with lotus root broken, egg, flour, soy sauce, salt and pepper in a large bowl, stir well, and then divided into four. With the hand group into the group, and then take a cake. 3. Pan pour oil, after the heat into the lotus cake, try to take a little thin, it is easy to cooked. Don’t use the pot, turn into a small fire slowly fried, such as shaking pan, lotus cake can move, you can turn over. 4. Over to fry, after repeated over, until both sides are golden, with chopsticks prick out, chopsticks will not stick to what is done, you can pan. I like the small fire slowly fried, fried to the surface crisp, taste particularly good. 5. Fried lotus cake if lighter taste, can also eat the dip point collocation. (pork collocation lotus cake to eat more, change the egg will have different taste Oh!) Three, fresh lotus root juice 1. If the juice machine, direct cut small pieces, juice can be 2. If the machine is Soybean Milk, lotus needs to be cut into small pieces, add Soybean Milk machine, plus mineral water to the top line, select the "juice" file. If you feel the residue of bad taste, can be filtered to drink. (dry autumn, a cup of lotus root juice)相关的主题文章: