Do you think people are glamorous luck tamiflu

Do you think people are glamorous luck? Public concern number Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Source: the story will leave 1 glamorous that day, holding his tidy things ready to leave, the next years of my colleagues asked me: what are you going to resign? I am very playfully said to her: "travel around the world to idle away in seeking pleasure." That’s what it is. In addition to eating and drinking, the rest of the things and I can not stand. Although not ready to work, but in public, like the deep sea, from the stranger turned husband. Travel around the world? Haha, it’s a self orgasm. What I can imagine is writing, writing and writing. However, colleagues said: I envy you, at least look free. She also occasionally asked me why people live are so good, and my own kankankeke, everything is not satisfactory. I returned to her and said, "in fact, you don’t know how well others are doing. They seem glamorous, but may also suffered." She was dismayed to say: "but I do not even look bright light to Lido." Then, I went back to her a message: "it is a bit hard to let him swallow." I have always liked Wong Kar Wai said: "life is a see yourself, see heaven and earth, see the process of sentient beings." Who can with others, you must have his own this off. To participate in the variety show featuring the intern teacher Chen Jianbin, in the face of the students don’t work hard when he said: "people don’t want to shame, behind will be a sin. Behind the crime did not have enough, people will suffer a great deal." Really, the world is very utilitarian, very realistic, selling miserable to others is useless. You don’t look so good, you’re not doing enough. This world, everyone wants to wear new clothes, buy new clothes, but what? Why are you taking this good fortune? Good looks and strength 2 very strange phenomenon, when a person quickly after success, everyone’s first reaction is: unspoken rules. Not on the bed, just take the money. Why did not dare to openly admit that others is hard and strong. Before, and a few people together to eat, talk to a girl. Her rapid promotion in the company, just one or two years to the Department manager. Some people say: "this girl looks like her, a little beauty, a look that is a way to sleep over." Have fared well, immediately followed echoed. Within a few minutes, I saw a girl being demonized as a slut". It’s boring. I mean, those who have acid. If you look at the girl’s performance, You’ll see. she sat on that position, her own truth. They did not dare to admit her efforts, is actually a dew, afraid and others long, out of his ambition. The mouth is so poisonous, the in the mind is all bitter, seeming not to dare to admit the effort of others, but actually dare not admit own weak, so let "hidden rules" to carry on the back of this pot. It is a pity that the world has thrown the pot, it admits everyone’s efforts. One is to blame others相关的主题文章: