Dongguan Metro Line 1 started at the end of 2022 opening running man 20130908

Dongguan Metro Line 1 started at the end of 2022 opened a period of the civil engineering No. 1 line start ceremony. Li Yongxia, Nanfang Daily (reporter Li Yongxia) September 28th, Dongguan Rail Transit Line 1, a civil project officially started, the public is about to usher in the Dongguan rail transit line second. 1 lines across Dongguan 10 towns (Park), reserved for Guangzhou Shenzhen subway access conditions, connecting the Guangzhou Dongguan Shenzhen and two Buddha Guanhui intercity line, is an important channel for "cohesion outreach" function. Dongguan Rail Transit Co., Ltd., said line 1 has been funded by the National Development Exhibition fund of $800 million, is expected to achieve full opening of the fastest by the end of 2022. 1, line 2, Hongfu road transfer station on the same day, accompanied by a period of civil engineering of Metro Line 1 station location of Hongfu Road, the first to start, 1, line 2 connecting line project construction also kicked off. The general manager of limited company of city rail transit line 1, said Chen Wensheng, a project in June 13th to achieve a prospecting and construction approach, in August 29th through the overall design experts, and has made the country development fund 800 million yuan of financial support, the current work is progressing smoothly. According to reports, Hongfu Road station is on line 1 and line 2 transfer stations. After the completion of line 1, and line 2 will form a "word" transfer, build the backbone of urban rail transit network in Dongguan. People want to transfer to line 2, just two from the negative underground to the negative layer of the ground can be, without a station, the transfer process within less than 5 minutes in the three. City Rail Transit Co., Ltd. data show that line 2 since May 27th this year, opened the trial operation, the average daily traffic exceeded 100 thousand passengers, the highest single day passenger traffic exceeded 250 thousand passengers. As of 1, line 2 transfer stations, currently Hongfu Road station has become one of the largest site traffic line No. 2. Chen Wensheng said that the implementation of the line 1, line 2 will effectively protect the Dongguan rail transit line network resource sharing, emergency rescue, etc.. To speed up public transport docking Guanshen ceremony, the Dongguan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau deputy director, deputy director of the office of rail Zhang Youxin pointed out that the city rail transportation to speed up the city modernization, optimize the development of city space and city traffic, improve the quality of life of the people, has an important and far-reaching significance. Zhang Youxin said recently, according to the relevant requirements of the municipal government, Dongguan will co-ordinate all available resources and power, and effectively accelerate the pace of urban rail transit construction. The key to accelerate the convergence of the branch of No. 6 line three Shenzhen Dongguan rail link project approval, construction, financing and other related work to promote the city rail transit line 1 and Shenzhen metro, the initiative to undertake the spillover effect in Shenzhen and Shenzhen, to strengthen cohesion, promote the process of integration of Dongguan into the Pearl River Delta integration, to the subway the era of "boosting Dongguan" blooming new exciting day". It is reported that the Shenzhen Metro Line 6 is connected with the Shenzhen metro, Longhua street, Gongming, Songgang Shiyan, bright area, and through the Shenzhen Metro Line 4 interchange to Futian District, to the urban core and central comprehensive group, Western hi-tech group of city express group.相关的主题文章: