Don’t grind your feet more tired Yang Mi Liu Wen go out wearing these 4 kinds of shoes cibi

Don’t wear the foot more tired Yang Mi Liu Wen go out to wear this 4 shoes lead: travel to relax, of course, not deliberately wear, especially feet on the plane of the space is not much, not too high to shoes, comfortable, but want to get good travel is also a necessary process in the circle of friends photos before boarding so go to travel and other can not wear too casual! Recently many shot in the street to see the trendsetter slippers and sandals other coming out of the airport. Don’t think of leisure shoes and fashion can not hook, know how to select the hot season of leisure shoes, natural energy for the airport other points. (source: Ruili nets) 4 shoes that let you comfortable to go out to play 1. Low Tiffany, shoes with SNSD Xu Xian, Jung Soo Yeon girlhood almost every pair of shoes and shoes with fire will not say, but travel, with the low shoes more suitable for you, if you happen to be on their legs more confident, but also to the Rome shoes knee to try. Yang Mi, June 6th,, Yang Mi appeared at the airport in Ningbo. Yang Mi comb half ball head, wearing a reflective mirror sunglasses, wearing a blue denim jumpsuit, black Strappy heels on lace-up. Liu Wen is a handsome and also like Yang Mi, jeans with shoes collocation. Liu Wen wears laser Cat Eye Sunglasses, wearing a black and white plaid shirt, shoulder Fendi blue and white striped flowers chain bag! Kendall Jenner (Kendall Jenner) · Rome shoes is hot in recent years, whether with dress or jeans are quite easy to match, ankle lace design more stovepipe effect! Kendall Jenner (· Kendall Jenner) wearing a black belly sleeveless blouse, with denim shorts, wearing Khaki ChlOe suede fringed bag Khaki suede boots, foot straps cool. With low shoes recommended: (from left to right, AQUAzzura, MO& Co). Christian Louboutin, MABU, Sam Edelman 2. Sport wind wind movement in Europe and the United States slippers slippers star popular this summer will be popular slipper sandals, whether you wear to go shopping, high tea, or go to the beach or in river cruise are equally suitable, the biggest advantage is that the feet slippers bound not to wear, can go out, lazy essential! There are many changes and styles, including suede, leather fabric, fur or hair ball gems etc.. It’s a holiday resort! Feifei Sun China supermodel Feifei Sun sports shoes to wear slippers, neutral presence shoe design to see more comfortable abnormalities, lining Feifei Sun slender leg! Rihanna (Rihanna) Cara · Rihanna (Rihanna) said DIWA Yi will have to mention her only love fur slippers. Rihanna has long been in love with slippers, and even the launch of the sports brand cooperation slippers, playing a new professional height. So good to wear comfortable slippers and of course Cara (Car3 · DIWA Yi相关的主题文章: