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Eleven, the Tencent is also the eighteen anniversary of the founding of our anniversary – the Sohu technology Yang Junjun did not know | intentionally or unintentionally, Ali’s "double eleven" is precisely the Tencent’s our anniversary. This feeling is not just like those who are some of the big birthday festival – the Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival — like myself less a holiday without any cause or reason not to say, usually we also will be too busy to live their holiday and forget your birthday things, what is more important, even your birthday and the people you hate most dog’s birthday on the same day, that kind of feeling, love. However, the original Tencent is not a deliberate publicity of the company, so the double eleven is the birthday of Tencent this matter, including a lot of people in the Internet industry are rarely aware of. However, this year’s double eleven is Tencent’s eighteen year old birthday, for any company’s eighteen anniversary, it is destined to be a memorable day. However, for the Tencent, this time there is still a should not be a coincidence, Ali will double eleven party into the Tencent base camp – Shenzhen. Well, can you imagine what it’s like to be the person you hate the Party on your birthday?…… Here please note that there is no malicious to say that the double eleven this activity is a dog raised by Ali, did not think of a better analogy. In fact, in the BAT of the three giants, many people do not know is that the Tencent is "the old" company, Tencent was founded in November 11, 1998, while the other two, Baidu is January 2000, Ali is January 1999. But at the time of listing (first listed), Tencent is the "earliest" in June 16, 2004, Tencent is the main board of the Hongkong Stock Exchange listing, Baidu is in the United States in July 14, 2005 on the Nasdaq, the Alibaba later, until November 6, 2007 was listed on the Hongkong stock exchange. From the time point of view, Tencent from the establishment of a total of 6 years to market, Baidu for the past 5 years, Ali for 8 years. But at the beginning of the listing, Tencent can be said to be the most scenic. The reason is that a Tencent that is not particularly clear business model was also sold, mainly by Liang SP and virtual goods charge, the other is the Tencent game industry is far from the scenery, on 2003 the QQ game hall is the brightest one, but the capital market for the game company’s valuation has been not too enthusiastic response. But another, however, this does not discourage Tencent after the force, until now in the domestic market capitalization of the first Internet Co. Personally think that the Tencent will be able to take off, is to seize the three key points: first, the Tencent catch up from behind the game, the game started in a Tencent in addition to chess, is actually not what highlights, especially compared with the grand Tencent, no special can get out of the game. Until the Tencent have been similar to CF DNF, a Tencent after the game to get out of hand, LOL reached a peak, which provides a very large cash cow for Tencent; second, 3Q"相关的主题文章: