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[driving] after Nirvana Fenghuang Village, Lin Lingdingyang without sigh Neilingding Sohu young Shenzhen tourism, East roc city, West Phoenix Village, and Phoenix Village is the national hero Wen Tianxiang tribe, descendants of the clan ancestral houses and the "purple line planning", was listed as Shenzhen city one of the six major ancient villages. This is a Kokusai Hotel in Shenzhen, in which it is very close to the high-speed intersection and to the attractions are convenient at the time of the. At noon, a short break in the hotel on the departure of Fenghuang Village. Starting from the hotel, it takes only 20 to 30 minutes to reach Fenghuang Village. Fenghuang Village is one of the villages in the city of Shenzhen city with a great reputation, has been among the Phoenix at the foot of the mountain for 700 years, Shenzhen has the most complete ancient village buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties. There is a decorative ring road outside the village, there are a lot of wedding photos are shot here. Baoan, Fenghuang Village, the village is said to be the descendants of Wen Tianxiang in the Southern Song dynasty. On both sides of the Pearl River Estuary, has a similar argument falls quite a lot of ancient villages in Southern Song Dynasty, such as close to the year the last battle battle of Yamen in Zhuhai Doumen, there is a legend in the Southern Song Dynasty Royal descendants of the ancestors of the South Gate village. The village at the Wenchang tower and the Wen Tianxiang museum are its landmarks, standing in the Wenchang tower to a distance can also see a vast lingdingyang. After years of baptism, the Phoenix Village witnessed the great change of the Shenzhen marshes silently. Over the years, the village like a great lady, hiding in Shenzhen this big house out of sight. On both sides of the Lingdingyang, since ancient times is the only way which must be passed foreign trade, has a rich historical and cultural resources of the village was a lot. However, when it comes to historical sites or ancient village fame, east than the west. From the west along the South fan ancestral temple and the temple, the ancient village to Zhongshan and Zhuhai, and then to go a little inland and Jiangmen towers, are known; on the eastern side of the Shenzhen, in most people’s minds, but just a history of thirty years of immigration city. In fact, Fenghuang Village has seven hundred years of history, it’s more than more than and 600 years of history in Doumen allegedly South Gate Village. Phoenix Phoenix Village village in the bulk of ancient buildings, bluestone paved trails throughout the village. Most of the houses here have been refurbished, water power and normal living, but many owners have already moved out, and there is no tenants, so the alley is a bit deserted. Arcade structure beautiful, summer under the shade here should be very comfortable to play mahjong. Since the reform and opening up, Baoan village demolition of old buildings and building new gradually into the atmosphere, but the Phoenix village has real old village, old house a not demolished, the village planning and construction in the old village surrounding the old village in the village of Phoenix, surrounded by the ancient village of Shenzhen city only preserved intact fall. The village has a total of 3 wells in the buckle, and has more than five hundred years, still can play the normal use of water. There was an old woman in the laundry, but she told us the water is clean but cannot drink. Village G相关的主题文章: