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Dry refuse to let your disease from heating cold seasons such as spring lead: during the heating, in order to maintain the indoor temperature, open windows ventilation significantly less time. But this will lead to indoor drying and bacteria increased, the root causes of heating is basically related to these two. Plus the body dry, indoor and outdoor temperature increase caused by the immune function and resistance to decline, causing people with varying degrees of dry mouth, dizziness, sore throat, cough, skin itching, chest tightness, etc.. Know the pathogenic causes of heating, see how to enjoy the indoor seasons such as spring at the same time, to prevent heating disease. Concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! Winter room temperature is best at 18 ~22 50%~60%, humidity is maintained in a more appropriate. So do not adjust the heating and air temperature is too high, but also often open the window ventilation and the use of humidification products, to ensure that there is a suitable indoor temperature and humidity. In the case of good outdoor air quality, the home should be guaranteed two times a day, every half an hour or more window ventilation. Keep the air humidity measure, can simply put pot of water, raise some green plants, plant transpiration water can regulate indoor air humidity, and the most effective use of the humidifier. Today is to introduce several finished wanted to bring home the strong sense of the white plastic humidifier to throw the humidifier, absolutely make other household appliances you are inferior by comparison. Transparent water storage tank CADO intelligent sterilization humidifier Cado HM-C600S a glass material, the other one is made of metal tube humidification. The two pipes, one high and one low thick and thin, make a great contrast. When working, the steam from the slender pipe spewing out like a steam train in the old days start, very industrial feel without sacrificing the luxurious taste, will be placed in the house Cado HM-C600S humidifier, Home Furnishing quality instantly burst table. HM-C600S is also equipped with accessories in the design of a sophisticated kettle, the handle and the pot body. The top of the water storage tank is a movable metal cover, the power supply is turned on after the water supply and the corresponding humidifying intensity can be selected. A HM-C600S humidifier application area of 27 square meters, the choice of what kind of humidifying strength, work is very quiet, no noise. The bottom of the water storage tank is also provided with a variable color LED lamp. The dry degree of three color will remind you of the indoor, indoor environment that display a yellow dry, green is dry, blue indicates that the humidity appropriate benefits, then HM-C600S will automatically turn off the power, for you to save electricity. In addition, the red, is to remind you of the humidifier water. When you sleep at night, these LED lights will automatically reduce the brightness. Cado HM-C600S in the water storage tank is arranged at the bottom of antibacterial zeolite, with silver ion let humidification water vapor, and indoor air sterilization. At the same time as the humidifier inside the sterilization, to avoid pollution. Containers loaded with antibacterial zeolite need to be replaced every six months, the replacement price of 6151.相关的主题文章: